Painting everything with Rainbows

Had a debate with a guy on Twitter, who insists the 65% increase in firearm sales contributed 100% to the 37% increase in Firearm homicides. They get all these numbers and they arrange them in a way to justify on trampling on our rights, saying “A background check doesn’t infringe on your rights” and I point out the numbers that 27% of people who are denied end up getting appealed. So yes you’re infringing on peoples rights.

He was like well which number would you want to decrease the 20,000 people who are denied

Or the 20,000 people who get killed by guns a year?

My rebuttal was the real question is do I believe that increasing the number of people who are denied their right, will decrease the people who are killed by firearms? And my answer is no.

I also point out that the reason firearm sales went up is because people were losing income, jobs were shutting down, welfare benefits were getting delayed, people who were working are worried about the crime increase because government is telling us our society can’t provide for us, and government is shutting businesses down, at the same time the police departments are releasing criminals into the streets, while simultaneously telling us that they’re not going to respond to 911 calls or crime.

That had more to do with the crime spike than people buying guns, people bought guns because of the crime spike.

And then he goes on to claim that it’s because the far right pushed out the end of days scenario, all because Donald Trump told them too.

I responded with this isn’t about Donald Trump and not everybody that bought guns are right wing. You sound just like Michael Bloomberg, ”yes we violated peoples rights, but I saved lives!”
With no actual data or statistics to prove that by violating rights you saved lives.

So at the end of the day I told him.
Nobody’s buying your bullshit dude. The numbers work against you, not for you. You re-arrange the numbers to put them in your favor, come up with the justification to violate people rights, and then paint it with a rainbow to make it sound so fine and dandy, mean while the economy is about to collapse, our society won’t be able to provide for us, telling us you’re on your own, and the government is the one causing it, and you think that’s the best time for government to limit firearm sales? WOW. VERY OPPRESSIVE!

These people are endless.


You’re on Twitter? :stuck_out_tongue:


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Kids these days…well, not my kid.


Look up “troll farm”.

My sentiment exactly.


It was like listening to a Maxine Waters rant. It was a scary level of ignorance. She thought you just pushed a button to turn an AR from a civilian semi auto sporting rifle to a full auto version and that every AR owner didn’t need it because it would ruin the meat of any animal because of its full auto and calibre.

I tried to point out the most egregious stuff and she would concede the point, then move onto the far left point about how evil the AR-15 is or was.

I never knew I had so many far lefts as I did


“Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.” - Carroll D. Wright

You can’t win an emotional argument with facts, and you can’t maintain a rational conversation on the internet.


I use my responses on Twitter and put it on tik tok sometimes. It’s what got me to 35,000 followers and growing on Tik Tok. I also get paid by tik tok.

Congrats?! Do you think it makes the world better or worse to contribute to such things?


That’s actually a pretty deep question! :grin:

Even King Solomon was split on this. Proverbs 26:
“Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him.”
“Answer a fool according to his folly, or he will be wise in his own eyes.”


What? Who are these “yous” you mention?

Is your decision for the bettering of mankind? Is your decision put harm to anyone? A reasonable decision is made so that there will be the most optimum outcome to everybody’s welfare.


I am fully semi-invested in this topic.


Reminds me of the movie, Don’t Look Up. :roll_eyes: :rofl:

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Seems like you could make your point by letting him trip over his own “facts”. For example where did he get his data that shows guns sold in the last year made up 37% or more of the guns used in shooting deaths? I also would point out that the large cities who set gun death records this year have the strict gun control he is in favor of.

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That sounds like your problem, right there. :bomb:

But whatever burns your toast. :sunglasses:


75% of polls are made up! 25% are biased!


This is one of the articles he sited. Gun Violence in 2021, By the Numbers

Well that sure was nice of him to bring numbers for you to use :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

If the members of “Gun Violence” want to talk to each other using their numbers, who cares. When they go out in the real world they need to quote sources that are more reliable. They even have a link that provides sugar coated excuses for not using the standard definitions for a lot of gun incidents like mass shootings. It goes without saying you can’t have any kind of discussion with those numbers.

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You are right and they don’t under stand that the police are told not to arrest some people. When I was young and you shot someone and they had proof you did it you was shot or put in the electric chair. Now you are put in a nice prison where you have a better life then some have on the outside.


Well, it at least sounds like the debate was civil, which is a plus.