Our Regressive Society

The society we have to live in has become as regressive and coarse as a decent individual can stand - look at the violence that’s taken place during demonstrations in the past. As an Indian chief once told Congress, we are smart but not wise. Adopting a combat mindset can still leave you an ethical person, but there are those determined to transform this country into a 3rd-world cesspool, so you can’t drop your guard very often, especially in public - watch the news on Wednesday, but try to avoid a “fortress” mentality. FYI - Kurt


Way too late on the fortress mentality, I’m in locked, loaded, condition one with every weapon in my arsenal and strategically staged, mentality. I know, the lawyers are already preparing to fry me. Better fried alive than buried dead! If I wanted to live like Venezuela I would have moved already. If the Marxist want to live like that THEY can move! My daddy taught me the best lesson in life, “don’t sh#£ we’re you eat”. These “people” are crapping all over us, in their own backyard!


Agreed. All in. Don’t think much will happen here but I’ve been wrong before.


David, I truly hope you are accurate. But, my mindset is to prepare for the worst case scenario, but hope for the best.


If God is watching hope is not an option. Always train, always aware, & always ready. Look around you’ll get a handle on it. Take care

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That’s why we have the USCCA!!!

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These “civil unrest” folks are gonna act out until its demonstrated that IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!!!

Problem is that you have Governors, Mayors, and other representatives enabling them. Yet when a community stands up to their nonsense, they’re called a “RIGHT WING MILITIA”.