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Conventional wisdom says criminals are back in your neighborhood before cops finish the paperwork. It’s a dilemma because our first responsibility is protecting our families, and the criminal can almost immediately return to your home. Worse yet, our criminal justice system is primarily concerned with the criminal’s well-being.

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When it comes to justice, this experience is nothing. Just ask any woman who has had to endure a rape investigation from reporting, intrusive physical exam, intrusive and often denigrating interview usually by some ham handed male, inevitable assault on character and veracity before a trial by prosecutors, attacks by defense attorneys with the inevitable slut/consensual defense, and questionable conviction of a suspect.
No one gets justice in a courtroom. You get rules, procedures, and process. You actually get nothing.
The other side of the coin is mandatory minimums when circumstances actually warrant a lesser sentence. So, no one gets justice. Even the Criminal is often blasted by the system. That is unless you have or can reasonably lie/create something that the prosecutor is happy with to get a lesser sentence.
Their family is denied access to housing and a host of other things. It is difficult for them to get things like student loans,PELL grants, scholarships, etc. The punishment often goes to the very innocent of all victims children.
Then you get those like this. So what is justice? At least these two did not seem to have used a weapon against anyone. Hopefully, they were good snitches and sold out the people who were going to buy the weapons, etc.
Ultimately, this system is manufactured by those we elect. So what are you willing to pay taxes for? Are you willing to accept the consequences of allowing or demanding the death penalty?
What about the inevitable abuse of power by our supposed protectors and police? How much latitude are you going to allow them?
Last year after lying to obtain a No Knock warrant, Houston Police forces murdered two citizens at night in their home. The police conducted what is becoming a seemingly deliberate and botched investigation into the crime scene. Lack of fire control and target identification caused 5 officers to be injured by their own people in friendly fire. How many shots did the people in the house fire? None.
I don’t know exactly what you are trying to get to. But the real fact is that we are really and entirely on our own.
The police and courts are self serving creatures that practice system protection first and public protection second. Get over it or get involved to change it.

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From the blog post:

So before and after any incident, think, “Who is responsible for my family?”

Your legal self-defense is as important as your physical self-defense.

I agree with you on that, @Michael349!