Our own biases and trigger points

Sometimes it seems that we as second amendment supporters and firearm enthusiasts get sidetracked and distracted by our own biases and trigger points. I remember as a small child my last name was Miss pronounced often and still is. My last name is spelled similar to Riley but with an l. I was often referred to as Lily. By the time I was 12 I had gotten over it. When I was 15 and the first young blonde that said oh Lily that’s such a cute name I saw it as a benefit!!

How often do we get our nose bent out of shape when someone disagrees with our opinion? Sometimes we let our thin skin distract us from the actual issues and inherency of a problem at hand.

I would challenge my brothers and sisters to not allow our human frailties to keep us from the larger picture we would wish to defend.


If this forum is an indicator, the things we get wrapped around the axle over rarely have anything to do with 2A.

In business, we try to be conscious of Parkinson’s Law of Triviality, which basically states that the amount of time we devote to an issue is disproportionate to the amount of importance that it carries.

This is a fairly universal condition, and certainly not unique to those of us who champion the 2nd Amendment. Open up any news website and scan the headlines: you’ll undoubtedly find a long list of stories that have no relevance to anyone except the internet trolls.


I think being thick skinned is a prerequisite to being responsibly armed and de-escalating a situation.


Clip .


I will say the same thing I said in another thread here, when someone tries to tell me that a, b, c, options work best for them and I need to do a,b,c, options. F$#@ off. Just because a, b, c, option works best for you.

You are not me.