Our government is still sending BILLIONS of our tax dollars to Afghanistan

I wasn’t implying that you did. I was just having a little fun. :sunglasses: Just due it! LOL

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Guessing that’s a rhetorical question but if not.

Then shows a sequence of events. I put up the targets then stepped off seven yards then fired.

Than is a comparison. The 9mm is a smaller caliber than a 44 magnum. The B area of the target is larger than the A area of the target.

No, I wasn’t seeking a grammar lesson, I was essentially giving one, but not in a serious fashion, just doing some word play that I know was not really funny. I tried… :sunglasses:

Its hard to tell over the internet where a person is lacking visual info to interpret if one is joking or not. Especially with what appears to be a lacking education system.

So you don’t know whether to laugh with someone or laugh at someone?

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I’ve had that problem most of my life, :rofl::crazy_face:

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Hence the reason I used the :sunglasses: emoji. I don’t do any real professional writing any longer, so I know that my grammar and spelling is a bit rusty. I am a bit surprised that my current writing style appears to be that of a person that lacks an education - that is a first for me. :sunglasses: I had always been complemented by my supervisors and managers on my writing skills.

As this is an online forum, I don’t really care, so I am not in the slightest offended by your misunderstanding. I know that I have also mis-interpreted posts at times, especially when they are vague and/or not addressed to any person, post or idea.

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Blessings to you my friend