Other than the NRA, what is a good 2A advocacy group to support?

I agree with this writer. Each pro-2A group serves a specific purpose. I’m an NRA Life Member, GOA and SAF. I particularly like SAF that files amicus and direct lawsuits in support of the Second Amendment.

The NRA issue that surfaced at this year’s Indy meeting makes me think ‘ false flag’ and a concerted effort to undermine the NRA. Make no mistake, I’m sure there was some over indulging of Member funds but I really feel it odd this surfaced coincident with Cuomo’s effort to shut down NRA banking in New Your State,


The Gun Owners of America is a good organization at the national level. It is the one I am a member of. I am also a member of my local advocacy groups Georgia Gun Owners, and Georgia Carry. The second amendment foundation is one often over looked, but “Too Me” is very important.


Well - - Yeah: USCCA
I’m a life benefactor member of the NRA
They PMO when they copied the USCCA insurance program
I’ve watched the NRA mag First Freedom dwindle to NOTHING
While the USCCA Mag has the HIGHEST production value I’ve ever seen.
I occasionally send a few $$ to the NRA/ILA for reasons of political support
But nothing more.

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The National Association for Gun Rights, like most other groups is small but they also work to help preserve our Natural Rights. Most of the other groups are no where near the size of the NRA. I have been a member of the NRA since 1982. They have made a number of changes over the last 30 some odd years, several of which I do not like. This last go round of issues is a rough one to sort out, but they are also the loudest voice at this time.

My membership with the NRA will not run out for five more years. I will probably continue to give to both the NRA-ILV and NRA-PVF. But I don’t know if I will extend the membership any longer than 2024. If things continue I will probably also join the GOA,CRKBA or SAF. The problem I have is once the Liberals/Progressives bust the NRA; I doubt any other Gun Rights group will be able to take the strain when they come hunting the rest down.

Ronald Regan said we are never more than one generation from losing our rights. I doubt that is more true than right now. While the current president seems to be better than and contender at this point for protecting our rights, one must remember, he is a deal maker.

Some want to eliminate military style weapons, keep in mind a lever action rifle was a military style weapon. With the exception of the El Paso, Vegas and Dayton Shooters, the rate of fire at a mass shooting has been about the same or slower than a lever action rifle. And even my beloved 1911s are a military style weapon with the same rate of fire as the current military side arm. Take time to write your senators and representatives at both the State and Federal level, and Governor, may as well send Trump a letter also. We have been a fairly silent minority for too long.


The USCCA. A good part of the reason I got a license. Always safety and responsible.

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Welcome @ken8, you’re in the right place.

^^ this. :angry:



Knife Rights

American Knife and Tool Institute (AKTI)

US Concealed Carry Association (USCCA)

Gun Owners Of America (GOA)

Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC)

Second Amendment Foundation (SAF)

National Rifle Association (NRA)

American Suppressor Association (ASA)

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Like many of y’all, I am also a member of USCCA, NRA, GOA, and 2AF (among several others!), and I just want to encourage everyone to look for and support their state/local organizations, as well. I am a member of BamaCarry here in Alabama, and they have been SO helpful to keep me informed and up to date.