Order of the Arrow

Have not thought about this for a while, but was just talking to the wife about what I went through to pass the Ordeal. I later made it into the Brotherhood. After being on the dance team for several years I found new interests and moved on, but my wife has never appreciated what those 2 sashes mean to me. Learn more about the OA’s sashes and what they represent (scoutingmagazine.org)

Any others out there that remember WWW?


Unfortunately I had a very disturbing traumatic experience in BoyScouts that ended with me leaving. I’ve never supported it since. My oldest son started as a Tiger Cub. I was actually a Den Leader and then a Cub Master. Uniform is hanging in the closet. He did become. Boy Svout but dropped out later. Not sure about how he felt about it all.

Sorry, I also meant to say congratulations.

I was a member of the boy scouts as well as being a member of OA.

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Still have my uniform and sash from scouts. Been quite a few years, had great memories and made greater friends, still have some of those friends till this day and I’m a grandfather now.

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a good friend of mine used to call the boy scouts the place for guys who couldn’t make it as catholic priests.

I’m happy that you achieved something that’s led to be a positive influence in your life. Truthfully I am. However, I am vehemently against the group as a whole for countless reasons. Thankfully I avoided it like the plague.

I got kicked out when I got caught making out with the den leaders daughter. Good times!


Now that’s a good story. :rofl:

Never a scout, but I was a den leader for my son’s den, and later in the Geezer Patrol and a Merit Badge councilor.
Good times! :grin:
Disappointed in the directions Scouting in headed now though.
Still if you can find a great troop, that will outshine any of the nonsense being embraced by the mothership.

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Oh yeah - former member of Cherokee Lodge 50, reportedly the 1st and oldest lodge south of Mason Dixon and/or the deep south. Was also a member of lodge dance team. Great memories for me, and my deepest thoughts and prayers for those who had such awful incidents. Advanced to Brotherhood OA member and finished with my Eagle Scout.
I realize and am terribly sorry that some had such awful experiences in Scouting and am not a fan of recent changes. But I do love the time I had with my buddies and the great adult leaders we had.