Orange County Shooting

Is it just me or is it odd they have not named the suspect yet even though he is in custody?

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I did not click on your link, as I do not use Google, but I did find a source that I believe is related to your story and it does mention the person by name, Aminadab Gaxiola Gonzalez.


I’m ok with that. Let these people spend the rest of their lives in obscurity. I’m sick of the way the press makes celebrities of them.


The media is real good at not mentioning the name or race of a suspect unless they are white and even better identified as Christian. Otherwise they believe in due process. (Said with a knowing smirk)


Yep. That is the same incident. couldn’t find anything when I searched earlier today.

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The only reason I ask is because after the Colorado shooting some one said 99% of the mass shootings was a white guy with an assault rifle.

The media is distorting the picture to suit what they want.


Ok, another non-white shooter.

Nothing here.

Move along.


Mainstream Media

Sad for the victims who get overlooked when the crime doesn’t fit the narrative.


Anytime someone gives you a statistic that says “99%,” you can ignore it. It’s made up.
Yeah, a lot of mass shooting events are white males. And…?

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So…I debated that person and provided data that at best the number is around 60% are white male and far less than that are done with an assault rifle.

I try to stay informed so I can intelligent conversations.

Lets look at the 3 mass shootings in the last 2 weeks.

1st was Spa shootings in Ga. White male. Not sure of weapon though since I haven’t looked.

2nd was grogery store in Co. Non white male but did use AR 15 pistol.

3rd was the shooting in Orange Ca. Not white male and haven’t seen details on weapon yet.

A sampling of 3 is unreliable but in these cases, 1/3 were a white male. It also looks like only 1/3 on an AR 15 platform.

And yes I know when someone says 99% of anything it is usually incorrect.

We all have to be able to use facts to present our case. We (2a supporters) don’t get the luxury of just telling someone they are full of it.

Do I think I changed that persons mind? Nope. Not one bit. But I do think it had a positive impact on at least 1 of the others nearby.


FBI Mass shooter reports are a great source of info. I’ve collected links to the reports in the thread below. The Crime Prevention Research Center is also a great supplemental source of info as they add onto the official FBI reports.


Since many of these scumbags are looking for their perverted 15 minutes of fame I’m all for names not being given. The only reason to post a name is if they are on the run after their act. Once they are caught or put out of our misery their names should disappear. No need to post race or religion unless it was relevant to motive. Though the media has its agenda and will post those facts to their benefit and ignore them when they don’t fit the narrative they want.


Thanks for sharing. I will read asap.

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Other than trivia, though, what difference does it make? What if 70% of car accidents were caused by people with blonde hair? Does that lead to any meaningful change in our traffic laws and regulations, or do we just notice it and move on with our lives?

I’m not debating your number, I have no idea what the statistical breakdown is. I’m just not sure what I’m supposed to do with this information.

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