Online Census

I was doing my civic duty (enforced by law), and filling out my census online. I found something kind of peculiar while answering questions about race. First I had to affirm that I was not hispanic, then I was given the opportunity to pick my race, and origin. I checked the box for white, and wrote American in the box for origin. They had examples like German, Irish, Lebanese, etc. After writing American I hit the next tab, it brought me back to the origins box, now outlined in red. I decided I was not going to change my answer, after all, I was born in the United States, both of my parents were born in the US, as well as my paternal, and maternal grandparents. So I hit the next tab again, same thing. The third time it finally went through. While filling out the same section for my wife, and answering with the same origin, I only had to hit the next tab 2 times. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


Brett, the hispanic thing is separate because they’re looking race is different than HIspanic background. Per the census bureau–

Summary of Issues

  • Race and Hispanic origin are two separate concepts in the federal statistical system.
    • People who are Hispanic may be of any race.
    • People in each race group may be either Hispanic or Not Hispanic.
    • Each person has two attributes, their race (or races) and whether or not they are Hispanic.
  • Overlap of race and Hispanic origin is the main comparability issue.
    • For example, Black Hispanics (Hispanic Blacks) are included in both the number of Blacks and in the number of Hispanics.
  • “More than one race” option increases possible numbers and overlapping groups.
    • For example, the three categories of Blacks, Hispanics, and people reporting two or more races produce multiple overlapping groups.

The big thing is that federal funding is determined by this.


Awesome! I did the same thing on the 2010 census that we filled out on paper: AMERICAN!
The thing that I found peculiar was that it wanted my name and then the names of those living in my house. I thought the Census commercials said it was “confidential”. I’m going to hold out for a paper form, if they still have them.


I filled out “American Mutt” in all of the responses. The young lad that is staying with us since he got out of the Navy is black and I needed his B-day and all the other stuff. So I asked him about heritage. “I’m just black.” American Mutt work for you? “Yeah that works.”



Awesome response! :us_outlying_islands: :dog2: