One spouse has license the other not

We live in MA, one of us was denied a gun license while the other one did get the license to carry. The question I have: does the one who does not have a license allowed to use the gun, at home, for self-defense purposes, or would that be an automatic violation of the law. It seems to me to be logical that if the person is at home and threatened, could have reason to use the firearm. @moderator


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What was the reason for the denial of the license if you don’t mind me asking? My wife has no CCW permit but I told her if she needed to defend her life at home from an intruder to do so. But my wife never applied for her CCW. You can check the state of MA reciprocity and gun laws on your USCCA portal.


Self defense at home really has nothing to do with a CCP


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I’ll leave it to one of the legal experts on the board to answer your question.

Do you need a license in MA to own a firearm? If so…wow.

Also, foregoing a requirement to have a license to own a firearm (like the IL FOID card), I would think the a person in their home could use whatever tools were available to defend their life or the lives of family members. A gun in the house does not fall under concealed carry rules/regulations, but whatever storage rules your State has implemented.

So it could be totally possible to not have a CCW license, but use a gun that’s in the home in self-defense without violating any State laws. But again, I’ll let the legal experts with MA knowledge give you the full details on that.