One Man's Philosophy

Two tenets I subscribe to in my daily life and activities are: “In ANY situation or set of circumstances, ANYONE is capable of ANYTHING!” - and - “Expect the UNexpected.” This is the basis of what some would call a “combat mindset”, but it doesn’t mean - at least for me - an excuse for someone to become cynical or fearful, or engage in bad or surly behavior. Translate these two into an all-too-common scenario - you leave home for a couple of hours, but when you return, there’s evidence of a break-in. How do you react?


I think you might be looking for more of an existential reaction but the first thing I would do is assess if there is any chance the perpetrators are still inside. If so then I call the police and let them clear the house. I then assess how they gained entry and what repairs and additional security measures I can take to make it less likely to happen again. Then catalogue what was stolen and file an insurance claim.

Criminals suck and bad things happen to good people. All I can do is learn from my experiences and move on as best as I can.


Secret to life,. :+1:


First thing I would do is see if the MRS. was alright then I would see if there were any bodies lying around. I am sure she would have already called 9-1-1.

If they break into the house, I will know that they are breaking into the house, and I would contact the police and inform them. Home cameras tell all. I even know when I get my deliveries. Download pictures of thieves for the police to I.D.


I constantly think of WHAT IF scenarios,whether it is a confrontation or stocking up on needed items to survive

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You have two choices, here - you can let the police handle the entire situation, or enter your residence to “clear” it yourself, and then report the break-in. If you enter your home, NEVER presume it’s empty - when you go in, go in EXPECTING to find someone. “There’s nobody hiding in a closet/under the bed with an axe!” Think so? The unexpected happens every day - listen to the news.