One hand & Weak hand training challenge -show your work!

I’m adding more one hand and weak hand training to my range days. Offering the group a challenge here. Post up targets for your favorite drill, shot as you normally do two handed, then shot one handed strong side, and one handed weak side.

I’ll start. Heres what I have in my phone from earlier this week, I’ll post proper drill photos in the morning after hitting the range.

This is my walk back two handed, I get out to 13 yards before I lose the group:

Here’s one handed right hand 5 yds (I didn’t do the full exercise)

Here’s one handed left handed 5 yds (didn’t get a tight enough group to walk it back)

So … want to play?
Post your favorite drill target, two handed, then strong hand, then weak hand.


I’ve been trying to work on this more lately. Hopefully I can remember to do this at the range next week. To do: Order wide angle lens. LOL!

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Heres my range report

Two hands walk back drill 3-15 yds no stovepipes

Right hand only 3-10 yds 3 stovepipes

Left hand only 3-11 yds 6 stovepipes

Observations, I tire a lot faster left only. I’m at under 1 sec for reacquire on 2 hand, over 1 seac for reacquire on right hand and about 2 sec per reacquire on left hand. Trigger control needs a lot more work on the left.

More work to do :slight_smile: