One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

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Well, he wasn’t insane, either. The culture of Islam is so completely different to us that it seems insane to us, just as they see most of our culture as insane/wrong. There will never be peace until Islam is removed from Earth or Islam rules the world. According to Islam - paraphrasing - there will be no peace until the entire world is Islam. Depending on the English translation that you read, it can be somewhat different, but the intent is the same.


Is it time to fight evil with evil? Good will not triumph, we have been overrun and the enemy is behind our lines, too many for my comfort. I’m not sure how “elected” officials sleep at night, or I’m on the wrong side!


No worries, Tik Tok has seen to it that it is posted is all over the internet.


If people are not careful I think they risk becoming the enemy they sought to resist.

Seems to me one of the main goals of people like Osama bin Laden is to take away the freedoms that we Americans enjoy. Another goal is to get us to bog ourselves down in military conflict in foreign countries to bleed our military and economy dry.

With our government’s reaction to 9/11 I think we helped him succeed beyond his wildest dreams.


Then I am on the wrong side with you.