On The Weekly by the New York Times

New York Times has been working on ways to make their news operations more relevant to the world we live in today. One approach is their podcast called “The Daily” where a current events topic is explored in depth for around 20 minutes five days a week. A new product is called “The Weekly” which is produced by the Times, Hulu, and FX.

FX rolls new editions on Sunday nights at 10 pm through Comcast.

This week the topic was Russia’s information blitzkrieg against Estonia in the mid-2000s and its comparables to the operations undertaken in the United States circa 2016. The premise became Estonia was a practical operation to train their resources for future societal influence ops. Many of us, including the Intelligence Communities, take what happened in the recent past and believe it worked so well there is little reason to think such operations have stopped let alone will be enacted again.

The Weekly S1 E13 The Blueprint is a very well researched and presented article for a 30-minute video production. This hyperlink is hosted at NYTimes.com and appears to be free to the public at this time. Sadly it is not the complete article. On Comcast, in the Atlanta GA area, the article will air again on FXHD 843 Saturday the 14th at 12 am, Sunday the 15th at 9 am and 1030pm. Check with your local programming.

I haven’t had time to watch it yet, hope to at lunch today. But the article stated:

he examines how vulnerable American democracy is to Russian hackers well-practiced in spreading disinformation, exploiting political differences and sowing chaos and mistrust.

In my opinion, exploiting the political differences and sowing chaos and mistrust are exactly what’s happening in the US today - are the Russians responsible? Is the media responsible?

I think we’re responsible for letting the divides happen. How do we bring the country back together?