On the subject of concealment

I would be curious to know how many on this forum have spouses that carry. My wife has her permit because it’s so easy to get in our state. She’s never carried. I insist she keep the permit in the off chance she has to transport a gun without me. But she’s unlikely to ever carry for reasons unrelated to her stance on the 2A.

She does carry pepper spray.


Excellent analogy @Shamrock.

Many of us like to refer to ourselves as sheepdogs. I like to tell my non-carrying friends that they should be prairie dogs. Keep a look out with their head on a swivel and bark if they see something.

Even as someone who carries 6-7 days a week, I watch the reactions of those around me. Those can be very helpful clues to what is happening. I get called on to respond to “security” issues at work and church. I can often gauge the seriousness of the situation by watching the reactions of those around the situation. If they seem calm, it’s likely the situation is not as dire as it may first seem to be.

My wife and kids have learned if dad isn’t scared then they don’t need to be scared. Of course, part of the protector’s job is to remain calm to aid the calm of others.

How far did I just get off topic?


I think you just followed my tangent;)

But who carries and why does relate to how and why we conceal carry and who may or may not know/notice.


Didn’t read all that.

Yeah it’s not off topic. Just a little chest puffing and a lot of words. Lol

That’s my wife also. She knows how to forage also and is teaching me what weeds are edible


Do we ever stay on a topic?
Getting off topic just shows that we are expressing our thoughts on the subject.


I reckon it’s all relative.


Handsy? Do you mean a complete body search? Where does your wife (with all due respect) need her hands to be to discover your weapon? I had my off duty IWB @ THE 6 O’clock position before my wife “discovered” it. Of course, in full dress uniform my pistol was in full view. What was not in full view was my Walther PPK. Look, if she hasn’t found it, chances are no one else will either…and that’s a good thing. AND, if one day she discovers it DON’T TELL HER IT’S BEEN ON MY (…) FOR YEARS, NO, NO, NO. Tell her it’s like day one.


Awhile back my wife and I were having a similar discussion. She walked out of the bathroom just as I was putting my holster under my belt. She did not comment; she just kept on going about her business. This got me thinking about CCW and her reactions to it. When we got married, she wasn’t anti-gun, but she also wasn’t a gun junkie like I am.

I asked her if she was aware that I carried on any given circumstance. Her answer was no, not when I was carrying concealed, but she knew that, over the years, if I/we went out the front door, I was carrying.

I guess I’ve got her trained finally.


My wife knows me to well, I always have something on me.

The question is, which ones am I wearing.

With the exception of a Birthday gift where I was forced to leave it in the car, I don’t go places I can’t carry with very rare exceptions.

My wifes first time handling a firearm was a date before we were married.

Her family is not really into firearms, they were not into me carrying but they virtually never know how often I actually do carry…

My wife has a habit now that is just automatic, she keeps to my left side when walking together, she loves to hold hands but knows to hold my off-hand when ever we go places…

I spend my Saturdays “working” at an FFL, there are days i will carry duel full size handguns or more, minimum 2 guns on me, up to 4 in most cases, rarely more…

Having them concealed on me, the regulars or the actual employees usually its a game, what am I carrying and where is it located… Yea, there is the common one on my right hip however no one sees it, even the full size like the G40 10mm or long slide 10mm 1911.


There’s a lid for every pot.

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@Michael1766 Welcome to the community, and good point, two is better than one.


Amen Brother , AMEN!

Welcome back Dan132, do I have to say it? Yes , I say it BOOK 'em DANO!

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Before I got married I said there’s two important questions you must pass, they included firearms and wallpaper.


I have kids that age. I don’t not-carry because of them knowing. They know not to say anything other than when around family or a few particular neighbors/friends. The one (both are elementary) shoots rifle and handgun themselves already.


After ten years or so the “ handsy” stuff about stops………and I’m sooo glad ! Lol !


Yeah well, this is my NEW wife. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


But more guns my friend lol. Well like my Grandpaw used to say ….” Women are like new carpet, if you lay ‘em right the first time you can walk on them for years “ lol


Like I said before I guess I was just lucky because I lol my gals shooting pretty fast and they all loved it, they would fire a round or two and start laughing and saying “ this is fun”, as soon as I started hanging out with them I just acted like it was fun and a way to protect yourself as well and completely normal.