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I was never an Eagle Scout but I did achieve the rank of First Class. I remember that it was in the Scouts that I first learned to shoot. I also learned camping, swimming, hiking, and wilderness survival. I suppose now that the Boy Scouts have chosen to be woke, those activities will include; makeup for boys, pronoun usage for boys, choosing your sex for boys and girls, and lest we not forget, How to be an obedient Communist in America. BE PREPARED


“The all-girls troop she was a founding member of in her hometown of Oak Ridge, North Carolina, has grown from five girls to nearly 50, and she thinks the name change will encourage even more girls to realize they can join.”

From a local news site. I guess it changes things, take Boy out of the name than have an all girls troop. Won’t be long before a couple of “Scouts” on a camping trip hook up and make a baby, that’s when things will get real interesting.


Or worse, get raped, or abused by a trans scout that got their right to “inclusion” from some kangaroo court.


I was a Boy Scout in the 60’s, and proud of it! The Boy Scouts helped me during my Dad’s first 2 tours in Vietnam!! The Boy Scouts taught me a lot, I enjoyed earning Badges!!! But, in one of the troops there was a unknowing gay leader! When he got caught molesting some of his Scouts, he disappeared, never to be heard from again!! I quit, didn’t feel safe anymore!! Now they want to encourage this kind of action!!! WTF!!!


It’s just a Twisted cycle these people are trying to ‘remake’ everyone into the
same mold, put everybody in the same box, wear the same uniform (literally)
They are so out of touch with reality they don’t even realize they’ve gone too far.
when your fellow Politicians start pushing back (they are) they can’t even see it
till it’s too late for them.
TV shows and movies have tried this and it was entertaining to some until it was
tried in a social setting in real life. Kids, Teens walking around with the same haircuts,
vinyl outfits whatever --to me that was disturbing and glad these ‘fads’ died out before it
became a problem.
With this current crop of ‘Social Misfits’ the problem in my view is they don’t want to do
ANY of the societal changes they Mandate. THEY won’t be eating bugs, Prime rib more than likely.
Euell Gibbons (a Nature lover back in the day) promoted healthier lifestyles, eating better,
living closer to nature (Good for him—he practiced what he preached). These folks are all
about Control and we are seeing the revolt finally and we can maybe turn this ship away
from the ice berg in the nick of time.
Boy Scouts are for Boy’s. If you want to join and you are a Girl there is the Girl Scouts—BIG DUH!
Everybody has a path and females =using a Guy’s bathroom (or visa versa) ain’t it!. How people STILL follow these jugheads is baffling? These Blue city Pol’s have destroyed their cities and people will still vote for Pudding, Newscum, Side of beef Pritzsker… You can’t fix stupid.
We just have to wait out these trends. Patiently (ARMED) and these people will go the way of Hitler, Mussolini, Trudey etc.
Yesterday ALL the Lawfare Trials took serious hits (they may even just go away real soon, they are putting Genocide Joe back in the Bunker for their own good because he’s a f&&kin’ train wreck!
(Cannibal’s? Really Joey?) That was too far out (even for him)
We have serious trouble here in this country no doubt. But maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel now and it isn’t a DEI Freight Train anymore… maybe.

mi dos pesos.


I made Life scout before moving on. Also, shot my first gun, learned sailing, canoeing, basic survival skills, camped out in the dead of winter in the Finger Lakes, and generally had a blast. I’ll never forget how much I enjoyed scouting.

Too bad. :cry:


This makes me sad. My son is an Eagle Scout, as are his 11 friends who went through the entire program together. They learned so much about being men, so many great moral values. They had great adventures, which otherwise they would have never experienced. They still maintain close friendships and are all accomplished young men (in their mid-30’s).
I do understand, however, that girls would like to have a scouting experience that includes more adventures, more camping, etc. Girl Scouts, of which I was one, was rather lame in enjoying the true excitement of the outdoors. But, in my opinion, they should only be all-girl troops. Mixing the sexes causes a lost focus on what was trying to be taught. They spend enough time around girls in school. lol.
Still, sad that BSA has caved to wokeness and political correctness. Boys and girls are NOT the same. Simple biology.


My son is an Eagle Scout. He has basically been on his own since he left for school shortly after graduating from high school at the age of 18. Even before he graduated, I would’ve stack him up against any young adult anytime, anyplace, anywhere even before he turned 18. Though I encouraged him to serve in the armed forces, I’m a veteran, he didn’t need a drill instructor to teach him how to be self- disciplined, make a bed, clean, take care of himself, or others. He chose his own path and is doing better than most adults around his age. He’s 25.

I was a Life Scout. My wife and I still involved in the scouting program even though my son is no longer involved.

The program is basically designed to develop leadership skills. The scout oath and law will not change. No politics are allowed in the scouting program.

With the exception of Cub scout units, if run properly, units are youth led. The youth run the meetings and activities. Many of you would be surprised how well our youth can do when properly guided. No different when you began learning how to handle and shoot a firearm. You had someone, a family member, a friend, or a certified instructor show the proper way handle, shoot, and maintain your firearm.

It shouldn’t matter who taught you your firearms training for example. As long as they taught you the right way. It doesn’t matter the race, religion, sexual orientation of that person who taught you. It also shouldn’t matter for any training you receive in the future either. If they are qualified to make you a better shooter, then take the course if it fits your needs or desires.


Great comments, David, and welcome to our group here. Glad to have you.

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Welcome David, Welcome back Robin.
Enjoy the Brotherhood/Sister hood of The Gun.

Around here, until just lately, in the Boy Scouts, what you learned and who you learned it from was the LDS Church. The meetings were held in the LDS Church buildings and administered by the brethren…

There could be many “Merit” badges to be given for that. :sunglasses:


You may be on to something here,
Anatomy, Relationship Building, Physical fitness…


So what is the new name for the Girl Scouts?


Dunno. Biden is making house calls to the girls as we speak. Depending on how they smell, he’ll give them a new name.


I’m sure the Founders are rolling over in their graves. :ghost: :ghost: :ghost: :ghost:

I had just made 1st. Class and then we moved. :unamused:

Boy Scouts of America / Founders

    • William D. Boyce

      William D. Boyce

Actually no, this was not determined by any court decision. This is purely a decision of the woke faction of BSA leadership. The Supreme Court ruled 1980 something that bBSA is a private organization free to decide their own membership requirements including no gays, no girls and must profess belief in a higher power.


My elder grandson is a third generation Eagle. His younger brother just reached First Class, and expects to also become an Eagle in a couple of years. My son is an active adult leader, and supports the idea of letting girls also join Scouts, as many of them too want the outdoor adventures and lack of wokeness they haven’t found in Girl Scouting. Patrols within a troop are single gender, and even back when I was an Explorer Scout 50 years ago, we had girls in our spelunking post.

Thanks for the clarification. Seems there are woke factions in every large and small public and private organization in America. Sad indeed. I would elaborate further but there are many who would flag and too few who would stand their ground here.

Boy Scouts Name Change Sparks Fierce Backlash: ‘Destroyed by Wokeness’ (msn.com)

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