On guard defense New Plymouth Ohio

Going down to visit my son at Ohio University this weekend. Weather looks to be in mid 50’s. Son hasn’t gone to range yet but has plenty of dry fire practice and is comfortable around firearms. I see uscca has many classes at this facility. Has anyone been and what kind of atmosphere can I expect working with my son in the range? Looks like the uscca instructors in the area are Allison ratcliff and Judi Phelps. Are they members here on the community?

Thanks for any help you can give.

@ScottC - try sending Allison and Judi emails. They may be able to get back to you before the weekend with some tips! You should be able to find their contact info on our training page https://training.usconcealedcarry.com/

Hopefully someone from the Community will have some information for you, but if not, Allison and Judi can probably help!

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Thanks for the information. I’ll look at the training page now.

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Judi and her staff where fantastic. Son had a blast. If anyone is in the area highly recommend stopping by

son first time on range Glock 43