On Easter Sunday ! Biden slammed on social media after announcing Transgender Day of Visibility

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Happy Easter Virgil!

I am still ‘allowed’ to say that amirite?


I don’t agree with what he did, but christians are no angels…

Oh yes you are. Happy Easter to you @Don102 . He is risen! The tomb is empty!


The only issue here is that apparently it was “on the calendar” for about 14 years. So? Could have been Monday this year out of respect (and would have been funny on April fools day). Why is a “day of visibility” needed for 0.6% of the population when they already have:
H/T @jarvis_best
A lot of people are upset with Biden for declaring Easter to be Trans Day of Visibility, but to be fair, the date of was selected only because the LGBCalendar was already rather full.
The Trans Day of Visibility is March 31. Do not confuse this with the Trans Day of Remembrance, which is November 20.
We must also take care to honor Transgender Parent Day (Nov 6) Trans Awareness Week (Nov 13-19) and International Pronoun Day (Oct 20).
Trans is distinct from drag. International Drag Day is July 16.
But not everyone even HAS a gender to trans. Agender Pride Day is May 19. Intersex Awareness Day is Oct 26.
You can come out as any of these on National Coming Out Day, which is October 11.
Omnisexual Visibility Day is July 6 so mark your calendar for that. Bisexual Awareness Week ends on September 22 but jumps right into Bisexual Visibility Day which is September 23.
July 14 is International Non-Binary Day right in the middle of Non-Binary Awareness Week (July 11-17).
My personal favorite is Gay Uncle Day, August 14.
Speaking of April, we can’t forget the ladies! International Lesbian Visibility Day is April 26. Harvey Milk Day is May 22, and Stonewall Riots Day is June 28.
Pansexuality is widely misunderstood so it gets a few days - Pansexuality and Panromantic Visibility Day is May 24, but don’t forget Pansexual Pride Day, which is December 8.
Spirit Day is October 21 but I can’t remember what that’s for.
A lot of people confuse Pride
Month (June) with LGBT History Month (October). We must observe both though, as well as Bisexual Health Awareness Month (March), and Trans Awareness Month (November).
Human Rights Day is December 10 and World AIDS Day December 1. Don’t confuse either of these with HIV Survivors Day, which is June 5.
May 17 is the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia. You should also not be hateful on March 1, which is Zero Discrimination Day. Discrimination is DEFINITELY not OK on the International Day of Silence, which is April 22.
So in sum, while Christians might be bent out of shape about Biden taking over Easter, you see that his hands were tied.
To be frank, Christians were being a bit greedy demanding two days - Easter and Christmas - to celebrate their guy. You’re not really leaving enough days on the calendar for the powerless and marginalized folks who never get enough attention.


That Sir is:

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Sooo… What do you serve to eat on pan sexual pride day??? Wait!!! Maybe I don’t want to know. :smirk:


DON’T SAY WAFFLE’S! I don’t want any of you Joker’s to say WAFFLE’S!
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You found me! Except that I am not rural, Christian, nor an extremist. :sunglasses:


You would need to dig up their graves…


No, and neither are we. :sunglasses:


I love that a cum waffle stays but atheist memes are pulled down. Seriously funny stuff.


perhaps the responses to some post originates with the SEEMING intent of the poster?

I seem to recall insult, ridicule, and disparagement are NOT very popular here???

might be a good idea to keep that in mind when posting?

I’m pretty sure it is possible to get your message across without doing the above…

I try to…

most of my removed/blocked stuff is is more toward the risque then the above type…

WAIT!!! Wanda3 made me do it??? or was it Blacky??? hmmm… Karacal perhaps???


of course not… they are human beings… the only difference is the grace provided…

and there are some that CLAIM to be such… but aren’t…

it’s more like they seek and advantage of some sort…

or to sow anger, hatred, division, n such among the people… all the people…

and are NOT really Christian… SEEMS like their true goal is to smear Christians

although I have known a few Christians that did NOT need any help to do so…

they’re more like wolves in sheep’s clothing…


Kudos to this slain officers family. I would have not let any of those low lives in either. They wouldn’t be there for the families, they would be there for themselves.


We’ve had enough visibility of them, the “admiral”, the nuclear “watchdog”(pun intended), the Nashville child murderer with her manifesto. It is time other folks had some visibility : pedos, corrupt CCP sellouts, and so on.

And mocking God is a bad, bad idea.


Irony is quite rich, considering the content of most of your posts - the reason you get blow-back, but not as much as it should be based on your posts. I only occasionally reply to your posts, mostly when you are disparaging others.

Yeah, He has struck me dead several times already and each time I have arisen three days later. :sunglasses:

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Disrespect has reached a new low. Micheal Obama should be proud!


Shouldn’t April 1 have been transgender day?:laughing: