old double barrel side by side 20 ga. 20 in. barrel.. exterior hammers....

need some info and help on info on a shot gun I had about 30 years ago, that I would like to have again… but don’t know what kind it was and cant find anyone that’s seen one or knows… Ok here it is. it was a double barrel side by side, 20 in barrels, 20 Ga. break to load exterior hammers, and the kicker, ( the TRIGGERS where side by side also straight across from each other… (not one alittle back further), both even. Everthing Ive seen is telling me its some kind a coach gun, but haven’t seen anything like it. anyone?? thanks… Carry Be Safe and God Bless…

I spent a couple years playing with the idea of a double set trigger for a precision long gun and as such delved into many things of the two trigger variety. If I had to guess I would bet that you had a double that was modified for “dead man’s triggers” where in the triggers were modified to be side by side and went BANG when you let them go. Then it was converted back to a regular pull the trigger and go bang gun but the triggers were never elongated.

I have never come across a double trigger gun that was side by side in print, electrons or by eyeballs (it makes no sense except for the above) . There are lots of old west stories about Wells Fargo and Pinkerton’s that did some crazy stuff to guns back in the late 1800’s. It has probably been 30+ years since I saw a real Dead Man’s Trigger and it was on an 18" ish double barreled 12 ga with exposed hammers circa 1890 ish. You had to have exposed hammers because that was the only way to let the hammers down without discharging the gun if you determined you weren’t dead yet.

If you can ever find it again it would be interesting to see.



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Wow, well I got that gun from someone that said it came from the store he bought it from,here in cali. the store was called YELLOW MART. HMM well that might be why can’t find one or a picture anywhere…but it was badazz. You couldn’t pull both triggers at once tho, I tried…it would go boom boom right after each other…dam I wish I would of kept that one…thanks man for the reply and info…and I actually thought it was fairly new when I got it in the 90s

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