Old dog, new trick striker spring replacement

I bought some ammo, Turkish, Diamond Dogs it’s called due to being brass cased 124 grain at a

great (for these times) price. A couple of my Glocks and my Beretta M9 shot it no problem, but a couple other Glocks had issues with the primers, so I decided to swap out the striker springs for 6 pound Ghost springs I just happen to have. Semper Paratus.
Anyways, having assembled complete guns in the past, I found this assembly to be the biggest pita going, tiny spring cups, everything is small, lot of compression yada yada…ya…da.
Decided to think this one out before assembly, and digging through my tool chest…I found a fork… this fork will henceforth identify as a Glock, as for this job, it is indeed…perfection…
I further brainstormed and used a punch to keep pressure off the plastic liner. One down, no swearing, one to go.
Still required surgical skill I do not possess, hence doing this in a box with white paper to help visibility. Nice to keep those cups in an enclosed area when they try to make their spring assisted break for freedom.

Edit to add, did the second assembly without the fork, just used my fingers, with the punch against my stomach, and fortunately over the box. Third time was the charm, and the fingers were fresh as they hadn’t had to deal with the tension on the first assembly. Nice to have extra strikers ready to go, a project I’d planned to do in 2019 :laughing:


You can use the disassembled slide as a holder during firing pin assembly. Put the sleeve on the firing pin and insert the sleeve end in the firing pin channel(hole) in the back end of the slide. Turn the firing pin lug to one side so it won’t go down the groove that way you can hold it while compressing the spring and inserting the cups.
I’ve always found it interesting to talk with other people you know that work on guns. Everyone has a few tips and tools you won’t get from Brownells. To save time and money a lot of unique tools are made, but you better label them or else you end up with a lot of junk.