Oklahoma lawmaker demanding investigation


“if the Frenchies tell us NO, they’ll be shot by the Ge-stop-O.” - From a song-parody I wrote, based on “We Are The Champions.” Welcome to hard times, in Jack-Boot City.

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There are some very disturbing statements in that article and in the letter the state representative sent out. I hope their immunity is taken from those agents and are sent to prison for a very long time.


The key in this situation is what is in the affidavit. On a related note, isn’t it ironic that the administration is urging people who previously engaged in occasional private treaty sales at gun shows to apply for FFL’s on the one hand, and ATF revoking FFL’s for previously clerical errors now being interpreted as willful. Intent as I see it is do away with sales of to the citizen altogether. No surprise there.


You will begin to hear about this type of behavior more and more each day.

Kind of reminds me of Kristallnacht.