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I am a student at Ohio state. Over the last 6 months on and off campus crime has surged. Every week we are getting alerts about crime. Most cases a gun is always pointed at a student. I got my CCP because I no longer feel safe off campus here. It has gotten worse and students are demanding action. I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on the issue here as well.


Welcome to the Community @Gage1. You are definitely in the best place to get more perspective on your topic.


Welcome to the Community @Gage1 .

Me and my Family are in a similar position, working and/or visiting University of Chicago.
Crimes are very often, shootings all the time… but this is what we call “Gun Free Zone”.

What you can demand? Nothing more than Campus Police assistance whenever you think you need it.
That is what we are doing.


First off, Welcome. Getting your ccp is a good first start, add some training and you will be in better shape still. Throw in a dose of USCCA and with the added training you have available, which I am really enjoying myself, along with some added peace of mind and you should be in much better shape than most. Be a responsible gun owner and learn to use your gun. Violent crime is up in many communities, so I am not surprised to hear that. Good luck out there.


Welcome @Gage1!

There’s a lot of good discussions in this community on staying safe. Situational awareness and keeping your head on a swivel helps keep you out of harms way.

Stay safe!


@Gage1 Welcome to the community. You’re in the right place for information and share your experience also. Stay alert and prepared. Hope things get better. :us: :us: :us:


Welcome to the community @Gage1 . My memory of the OSU campus is from 20-25 years ago. The campus was nice, but surrounding area was sketchy, and I recall stories of robbery, rape, the Creeps gang, etc. And I think in 2016 the University police thwarted a car ramming and stabbing attack by ISIS follower. Same University police the student body wants to abolish in 2021 :roll_eyes:. You are doing the right thing protecting yourself.

Some thoughts I’d like to offer. Be aware of what is going on around you, who is around you, who is paying attention to you. This is the most important thing to prevent you from becoming a victim.

I recall some fun and wild places that attract student crowd. Sorry, you cannot go near them if you carry. A place of nuisance can become a place of felony in a blink of an eye.

There is such a thing as psychological orientation toward survival in deadly confrontation. You will find, unfortunately, some of your close friends, family, respected teachers will say things that weaken your orientation toward survival. You need to learn to avoid conversations of the sort in the 1st place, and disregard the unwanted “wisdom” if you receive it.

Study and train, like you have a midterm tomorrow on laws, tactics, and psychology of self-defense.



Welcome! You are not alone. Many of us have lost the feeling of safety and security right here in our own home towns. A permit is a very important first step. As important is training. Know the laws in your jurisdiction. Practice with your firearm. know how to use it, know how it feels. Practice, in your mind, what you can do. Can you point a gun at another human, can you pull the trigger when appropriate. Be ready. The training here is an excellent start. I’m certain there is local, in person, training available in your town, use it. Learn Learn Learn.


Welcome @Gage1 to the community. I Live near Polaris (~10 miles north of OSU to those not familiar) and have been keeping up with the increase in campus violence, short north, and surrounding areas. I echo the statements in this thread to have heightened situational awareness and to take steps avoid bad areas if possible. If you feel something isn’t right, it isn’t right.

Campus carry should be allowed. It might be good to start discussing this topic with other students and community members, form a committee, and take your concerns to the school with supporting data to help make this a reality. Even if only a small change results it is still a change.


Welcome to the community!

As others have stated. Situational awareness and training are key. Choosing, training and practicing with non firearm options for use while on campus should also be a priority. But your most important tools are your senses and your brain.

Recognizing and avoiding potential bad situations will keep you from ever needing to use whatever defensive tools you can carry in the vast majority of situations. There are lots of threads on this forum about recognizing, avoiding and deescalating dangerous encounters.