Ohio Gun Law Employment Question

So in Ohio, companies can’t trespass us for having guns in vehicle, and you must have a no gun sign on the door or asked to leave and refuse to do so to get the criminal trespass charge. I’ve been robbed 3 times at this gas station and I don’t want to hear the comments of quit your job, and this that and the other cause that is unrelated to the topic.

So in this gas station we have no gun sign, anywhere on the building. Customers can come in here and carry. But under our handbook under our responsibilities it only says “Compliance with the weapons policy.” I can’t find any weapons policy other than they can search my person, my bags, and my car whether the car is on or off company property for Drugs, weapons, and company documents.

Obviously I know if I’m caught with this firearm on my person or on company property. I’m automatically terminated. It’s against policy, but what I looked and found is that just because it’s against company policy, doesn’t mean it’s against the law.

My friend tried telling me that because I carry at work and it’s against company policy, they can make the argument that I wasn’t in defense of myself or add extra charges because I wasn’t supposed to have my gun when I was working anyway.

I told him I asked this lawyer in Ohio and he answered it publicly. So here’s the lawyers answers, and if you’re from Ohio give me your thoughts. Yes I have a concealed handgun license and I keep it concealed on my person.


Well, it sounds like you work in a kill zone. I know nothing of Ohio law! Concealed means concealed! Bad guy comes in wants bosses money, let him have it. Bad guy comes in, makes it personal and wishes to terminate your employment that’s a different matter. Policy is one thing the law is another. If you are shot during said robbery is there a policy that holds the boss liable, does he pay the medical bills, does he pay for the funeral services, does he provide for your kids and family, if not!!! That’s your dilemma and how you carry yourself!!!

You may have to dig deeper into your states statutes, but if you’re terminated by the bad guy, boss will just have you replaced. I doubt he gives you a second thought. Your safety is not his priority, he’s at home sucking down the whiskey counting the days take and as long as your his sitting duck, minding HIS business, he’s a happy camper! Let me ask you, if you owned a business would you let a responsible, background checked employee carry a weapon on the property?
Open up across the street put up your own sign .

Then see who has the better profit margin and employee retention!

A previous employer of mine had similar policy, and we were robbed at gun point, pistol whipped, beaten and children were involved, at the time I kept some of the kids behind a counter and waited silently until it was over, we were told not to discuss the situation (of course, bosses were not present, it was at night!). At that point I decided to legally carry on site daily. My life was at risk, not my bosses. Upon a robbery it’s my pleasure to assist in giving away the bosses money especially if he doesn’t care about my life or any other lives under his employ. In essence when the boss says screw you, your life doesn’t mean squat, IMHO, his policy doesn’t meant squat. Maybe to some this is not going to sound like a responsible gun owner, but I safely and securely carried for the next five years, under that employers nose. No more robberies, coincidence, maybe, but I felt SAFER! Is my life worth more than my bosses business, to me it is, you may have to ask your boss. I think it’s time that became an interview question, when they ask the dumber one, of where do you want to be in five years, answer, ALIVE!


Yep and I’m pretty sure one of our 2A attorneys from the USCCA is able to articulate that.

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I cannot give advice on Ohio law, but what I know of Ohio law, and i cross the bridge from Kentucky to Ohio more than a few times a year, I agree completely with the response the from Mr. DeBrosse. Ohio, is, as is Kentucky, an employment at will state, meaning you can be fired or quit for any reason, or no reason at all at any time, with the exception of discrimination. Even if there is no firearm policy, you can be fired.

And carrying a weapon against company policy is not a crime, unless you happen to work for the government and they it could be criminal. Using a weapon in self defense against company policy is also not a crime.


Probably no death bennies, maybe workers comp? People like to sue perhaps that would work. Makes absolutely no sense to me. There’s a good chance he’s quit better jobs than that, if not perhaps it’s a good time to start.

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