Oh the Hel! that has been unleashed

In case you missed it, the SCOTUS just slapped the EPA off their ivory tower of regulations that should be laws. One can only imagine the law suits coming for the ATFE over reach on firearms regulations. At least I hope there are lawsuits coming. @MikeBKY what say you is there precidence now for regulations that should have been laws?




Are suppressors an ATF regulatory edict or law by US legislature?

Machine guns? SBRs?

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I am not sure what you are referring to, but, I paid extra EPA taxes for “marina” fuel for many years. The purpose of the extra taxes was to clean up spilled fuel in case there was a boat leakage. When hurricane Francis came to Sebastian Florida in 2004, pretty much every boat in the marina(s) were destroyed and dumped at least thousands of gallons of gasoline and diesel into the water – the EPA did absolutely nothing to contain, much less clean up the spill they had charged us to do. This was my boat that was obliterated in the storm:

Notice the boat to my starboard side before the hurricane, and after:

The marina tried to sue me and others for the damage our boats did to their dock :-1:

Again, the EPA did nothing to clean up the fuel …

Edit: This looks like a pretty good summary Supreme Court curtails EPA’s authority to fight climate change - SCOTUSblog


When I see ATF curtailed, I’ll believe it.
But… I will take the fall of Green New Deal with gratitude.

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I have read tge synopsis of the epa decision. There may be some ground that could be used to shore up 2A issues.