Office printer suggestions?

If not appropriate please delete. I will be shopping for a new wireless office printer over the next couple months. If I need to stretch this in relationship to security I guess I could say that some of the reviews on Amazon say that some printer apps on a certain brand I’m currently using have had incidences of being hacked and had fake “tech support” try to contact them through the printer screen.

Since it seems that there are many professionals on the forum, I was hoping to get some suggestions. I currently have an older laser printer with the touchscreen “shifting” the touch points so that I can’t use most of the functions. Their support forums list a few other users with this issue and the “reset” fixes and “firmware” fix suggestions from the official reps don’t fix the issue for anyone. Unfortunately, the controls for color copies, contrast, etc. require touch screen manipulation.

I use this printer to print and/or copy contracts and other legal documents (sometimes with pics; often in color), as well as some scanning. Also, I really need to be able to print things from my phone (Android) via WiFi, computer via Wifi, as well as being able to e-mail documents to my printer (e.g. via HP account) for printing at the office when I am traveling… both are important. BTW, I think Google is dicontinuing it’s Cloud Print services.

Also important are a decent size paper loading tray and being able to fit up to 30 (50 preferred) pages into the auto sheet feeder for copying multi-page documents. I am looking for something under $300. I usually print around 20 pages/month, but during tax season it could easily get to 200-300 pages/month.

Laser printer is preferred, unless other professionals here tell me that inkjets are fine for contracts. I definitely want a brand that has refill cartridges available at the big name office stores and/or BB. I currently spend around $200 to refill all of the laser cartidges (about once every 2 years) and I would prefer not to go over that if possible.

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@Scotty… you actually answered your own question…
HP, MFP, Color Laser, printing from Android, below $300, max 300 pages /month… these are your needs… and these are also specs of HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M281fdw.
I’m not sure about ePrint, but you can use HPSmart.
If you don’t like touch screen all can be done via web browser.

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Can the copier controls be handled via web browser? This would help me immensely in the short term. I guess I might as well say that my current faulty model is an HP, and I read an Amazon review that said hackers gaining access to the their printers is a known occurence. However, I’m more afraid that if the touchscreen goes on a new one after a few years, I will be similarly out of luck and only get “reset it” suggestions from their techs.

The only fix found on their forums (from another user), was for users to track down the touchscreen part on a Chinese website (Alibaba) and install it on their own (part no longer available). I might just have to risk buying another HP, as the printer has performed well when I was able to control it via the touchscreen.

I was hoping someone with similar needs could suggest another brand that they have had good experience with. Otherwise I probably will just purchase another HP.

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You won’t be able to protect ANY printer with active online features. It doesn’t matter if this is HP, Brother, Cannon, Konica… every device facing public network is hack-able…
I’m not sure about configuration of this particular printer, (I still have model from 2010) but all settings from my HP’s screen (not touch) are repeated in printer’s built-in web server.
If you currently own HP network printer, log into it via web browser and check.

I’ve checked few new printers (other manufacturers) I’ve got remote access to and every single one (within $300 price range) has small touch screen and no copy adjustment settings via browser.:pensive:
However big machines ($600 and above) have huge touch screen (7 inches) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well you got it pretty well handled from the above replies.

Even for home use I do not recommend inkjet printers anymore. Lasers are better, and have come down enough in price to make them affordable. Double if you don’t print that often.


I agree on the HP MFP line. I have an M477 fnw.


I love my Xerox printers. They don’t break. You will however pay more for them. I print wireless, scan and copy stuff plus it’s color.


Good choice as well. I don’t know what’s a toner cost, but WorkCentre 6027 might be a good option (comparing to HP MFP M281fdw).
It has nice, big touch screen.


buy a brother today its only $100 instead of 150


Would you please be more precise?
“Buy a Brother” advice won’t help here… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks all for the suggestions. I will save up for another HP. Hopefully this one doesn’t have the same issue over time.

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HP MFP is a good product. You will be OK with it for sure :+1: