Odd surge of pressure down both arms

​kinda just rolled along and when it reached finger tips was almost painful… no idea what it was?

anyone ever heard of such?

happened pretty fast too…


Sounds like over active nerves/nerve pain. Could have a pinched nerve in your neck and or shoulders.
Every since I slid off a roof and landed on my butt and damaged the nerves in my lower back I have many surges of pain and muscle jerks and cramps in my right leg.
Have you been to a chiropractor ever or lately? I have been going since I was 24 yrs. old and swear by them. :+1:


Better have that looked at - could be the prelude of an anxiety attack, or a gall bladder attack - or even something potentially catastrophic. Don’t ignore it. It could be just a pinched nerve, but don’t fart around and wait until it disappears. Go ASAP.


I’m not a doctor, but recently suffering a heart attack, after dismissing symptoms that I thought was a bad case of gas, turned out to be a big mistake! Two weeks I dismissed symptoms of four (4) blocked arteries!

At any age take nothing for granted! Pain radiating down the arms could be a thousand different symptoms of a possible life altering medical conditions! Talk with your doctor as soon as you can.
Bad pizza is not going to create acute pain down your arms, Taco Bell, maybe!…:taco: = :ambulance: = :love_hotel:
That colorful funny sounding Uber is going to cost $$$$

If you experience it again and you notice it’s more prominent down the left arm, consider 911.


Get to Your Doctor ASAP. Like Tomorrow Morning!!


It could be anything from just a weird body twinge to something much more serious. I went through a similar ordeal as @Scott52. A couple minute episode of what I thought was mild heartburn. Then two weeks later without any additional symptoms I had a sudden heart attack. I definitely advise leaning on the side of caution after that experience!


Sooo, you started the thread. Let us know what happened. :slightly_smiling_face:


has been near 3 weeks ago now… I road a motorcycle to my lab and it was rather cold out…

they had trouble drawing blood was pretty thick… also had been drinkin every night the week before…

which is NOT something I often do…

anyways not long after that trip this happened… so wonder if there is any connection???

got a report into Dr. so???