October shooting drill 2022,

Well, it is October and we have a drill for you!
The SPSA drill

Sight picture sight alignment Drill

Move your aiming from one side to the other while focusing on you sight alignment and sight picture, keeping the gap on both sides of your front sight. Randomly take shots. Keep your main focus on your front sight while being aware of the target and your alignment of the sights.
Your grip will show on your ability to maintain the SPSA. You can also do this drill strong-hand or weak-hand. Use this drill to improve your proper grip. With a proper grip it will be easier to maintain the SPSA. This training will really help you and that is why I am posting this drill.

To make the target take a target.

flip the target over.

Then draw the horizonal line and the vertical line and use the patches to set where you will want to fire your shots. I used a coffee cup to draw the center bullseye.


This is an excellent drill :+1::+1:. Unfortunately I don’t have the targets to try it right now but will eventually or will try to invent something.

Just use a cardboard box or a piece of paper. We do not need to be particular to what you are shooting at!

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