NYC going to the dogs


I saw this one. Sickening. One of those wipe out the bloodline situations…just to be safe (Sigourney Weaver joke…).




Call me sh!++y person…but I’m very confident she voted for this crap. No it’s not justified and by no means right. But liberal values get liberal results.


You’re NOT a sj!ttie person Jamey
This is what you get when Law and Order breaks down
by these SJW (Social Justice Warriors) looking to ‘Equalize’ EVERYONE
Everyone is NOT Equal. A Skell is a skell is a skell
and if the do wrong should be Imprisoned.
The Inmates in Blu Cities are now Freely running the Asylums of this Country
Did you read today where LA/California was busted for doling out booze to the Homeless?
I’m sorry, Mea Culpa, Unhoused. Denver Home—Unhoused are listing DEMANDS’
in a letter BEFORE they leave the streets and go into secured housing or shelters
(obviously ‘coached’ by Left wing radical entities to bleed the city dry)
The Vulnerable people are being EXPLOITED by these Radicals for personal gains not to
help them but to enrich themselves…And their ultimate goal is to take Society down
rid the World of a few Million? Billion? useless eaters and make the 4th Reich!
A Global ‘Fatherland’ prehaps?


Either the first European caliphate or global caliphate


We took this video into the gym talked about how to defend against this type of attack. The only ‘chance’ you would have is to get back to your feet ASAP. Don’t fight the strap. Turn over get up, rush the assailant. If we knocked him down he no longer had leverage on the belt.
The best defense against this:

  1. Don’t make deals for sex that include cash, unless you intend to produce
  2. Don’t turn your back on someone you just P.O’d
  3. Don’t do it alone on a dark street
  4. Situational awareness, should have know the guy was coming after you.

Another reason not to live in NY, as if you needed another reason.