NY State Can I have my insurance back yet

Have you made a agreement with NY State so we can have our insurance back ,but hopefully in the next 60 days I will be moving to Tennessee and leaving NY and all it’s Liberals behind , if you come to NY to visit don’t drink the water in Albany and NY City because it is making the politicians make some off the wall laws


Unfortunately we are not able to sell USCCA memberships in NY at this time, @Richard31.

Tennessee is a great state! One of my sons lives there and I was able to spend time there this spring - nice weather and nicer people!

As soon as you move to Tennessee, let me know and we can get your USCCA membership squared away with your new address in TN. :slight_smile:

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My wife and I LOVE TN! About every third year we spend a week around Gatlinburg hiking in the mountains.