Nurses' Appreciation Week

Wednesday, May 6, marked the beginning of National Nurses Week. After the last few months, these men and women on the front lines deserve every bit of praise.

Nurses are true protectors, and we’re so thankful for what these individuals have done and continue to do to keep us safe and healthy.

Tell us about a nurse who has made a difference in your life.


Absolutely appreciate those nurses. My aunt was a registered Nurse in New York City for 42 years and was the head of the nurses union.


For once @Dawn, I have to at least partially disagree with you.

My wife (who you have met) is a nurse and has been her entire working life. She and all the other health care professionals have ALWAYS deserved every bit of praise everyday of every year.

She (my wife) has to deal and put up with things on a daily basis which I know I would lose my s*&t over.

Yes Dawn I know we dont really disagree but hey I made you smile :wink:


Military, LEO, First Responders, Nurses, Teachers. Those are our real heroes. They should be reminded of that everyday.


My wife has been a registered nurse for 15 years, with a Masters in Nursing and an MBA.

She has a heart of gold. A friendly competitive spirit and a drive to match.

Heaven forbid and Heaven help those who should bring out the Mama Bear.


Bless her for the job she does brother


Yes sir alway remember the ones we’ve lost also


I have spent the last few days with my two favorite nurses!
My mother went to school to become a nurse when I was in high school in the late 70s. She worked at the same hospital for 30 some years into her 70s.
My sister became a nurse after changing majors a few times in college. She worked at several hospitals, surgery centers, and some other stuff but landed for the last 20 some years as a school nurse where she will retire in the next few years.
My sister is my mother’s primary support and caregiver. At 82, my mother has been showing signs of dementia and we were finally able to get her to stop driving, although not voluntarily.
I love my nurses!


My mom. My birthmom. My wife.
All 3 have taught me that yes, they do indeed have superpowers, and the funniest thing is the compassion often stops at the door to the house.
My mom sent me out to shovel during a blizzard when I was 11. My complaints of “I don’t feel so good” went unheeded. After and hour and a half of shoveling, I came in with a 105 degree fever and double pneumonia. I was hospitalized in an oxygen tent for 10 days. :slight_smile:


I have a “Allergy” Dog Tag that I wore back in my younger years, it was stamped { Allergy: Navy Nurses. Causes extreme irritability, high blood pressure and involuntary bursts of Sailor speak } :rofl:

My beloved bride of almost 30 years (June) has been a Nurse since the day I met her and on our first “Date” I ruined her favorite uniform (she is not military) by tickling her in a booth at the Jewish Mother (restaurant/bar/locals hang out) where the walls are covered in years of crayon scribings by patrons. She has been there for me at my lowest and my highest, drove me insane and kept my sanity, made me more angry than any person on the planet and filled me with more love than any person on the planet. She raised our children when I was off playing sailor, kept my house in order and the bills paid when other wives were crashing and burning. Suffered months without a letter or phone call knowing I was someplace, doing something that would probably get me killed. Stood on runways and piers in the cold and rain to see me go and stood on runways and piers in the cold and rain to see me come home.

All the while she has worked as a Nurse, facing disease, injury and the pain of humanity in the most direct sense. She never shied away from her calling or from the mutt that she decided to take on knowing the risks and dangers of both. I have always said that being a Navy (Insert Service) Wife was the most difficult job in the military, my wife did that and is a Nurse too. Her mother taught her the way as my Father in Law was also active duty Navy for 34 years.

They are both hero’s in my book beyond anything that I did in my service just because of what they did DURING our service.




From the posts above…I am at a loss for words. Some of you all know that I was involved explosion (2018), and spent 36 days in a burn unit. My mrs is not a nurse, however in so many words, with out her care, I wouldn’t have recovered. The nurses that took care of me, in that stay, their care and kindness was unbelievable. Upon my checkups, I always look for them, and personally thank, and thank the rehab staff. All the kindness and dedication, from my wife, and the nurses, I wouldn’t be here writing this, and would not have had the significant recovery.


I had no idea brother and I pray that your recovery goes well and that you get restored to 110 percent and kudos to those nurses and your wife for all they do.

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