"Now You Have To Live With That!"

It was like any other day at the range. However, upon checking out with a rather large purchase of ammo due to my unwillingness to travel the extra three (3) miles to Wal-Mart (This was early summer.) in order to purchase ammo to refill my magazines for home protection. Typically, I’ll store four (4) extra magazines and two (2) full of self-defense. You should be aware that my everyday carry is a Glock 17 so, having a few extra bullets really adds up. To further elaborate, I’m not exactly sure why I’m in the habit of loading so many because if the time arose once again, I would grab my rifle instead.

In addition, there was a Sheriff’s deputy that spoke out behind the counter where he was propped up back against the wall and blurted out these words,

“You have to live with that now!”
Assuming that he could not have been talking to me, I continued as usual, but once more he said,

“Now you will have to live with that!”

Looking up and seeing that he was talking directly to me, I was able to barely open my mouth and respond,
“Parden me?”

“I was at the call when you let that criminal go at the Circle K and because you didn’t take care of it you have to live with the fact of him attempting his crime and possibly killing an innocent bystander!”

Looking up with disbelief that an officer of the law was telling me this, but then again not entirely shocked, I was able to process the thought of him having a horrible day, therefore I didn’t respond.at first.

The deputy walked closer asking me with almost a whisper, "Well Son, will you be able to if you see his face for murder come across the news channel feel bad at all?"

Shaking my head, but able to clear all the negative things that could have been said in response was very hard, but biting my tongue and in a very calm tone said, “Yes, sir…I can because it’s not my face on the screen for murdering someone.”

He never responded because how could he? If he would have actually read the report the man did not have a visible weapon and shooting the man in his back was not feasible….actually, it’s murder and possibly in the Second degree to be exact! To finish this occurrence I’m able to add that maybe “stand your ground” was appliable by Louisiana law, but if by any means at all, don’t kill an individual when they don’t have a weapon are not going to cause life or limb of you, family, or unknown bystanders.

I have faith that the young man ran away repented and became a church choir boy. Now as unlikely as that seems, I have faith, he met death that day, but Jesus has defeated death and actually wanted to save that young man. I’m not sure if that is the reasoning, but I’ll sleep at night and when those words,“Now, can you live with that!” come running across my mind, I’m able to believe the right call was made.

Castle doctrine is no excuse for murder. If they flee or surrender, let them do so and if you don’t it could cost you twenty-five (25) to life if the jury has a different verdict and did not see it from a stand your ground view!

I pray you enjoyed the real-life occurrence and if you have an opinion on how maybe one should have handled the situation (With deputy at the range)

Lay it down!


So lemme get this right. You were in a situation that was a shoot, no shoot and you chose not to shoot and the possible bad guy got away. Now a LEO that was THERE want’s to know if you can live with yourself after not stopping him from his next possible crime?

My question is: If the LEO thought you had a reason to shoot then he must have been committing a crime.

Why didn’t HE arrest the thug?

I guess mebby he is having a hard time living with THAT.




I’m sorry for not being clear on location @Craig6…I was at the range and ran into the sheriff deputy who was at the scene on the day of the event. He remembered my face and assuming that he was having a bad day because the attempted carjacking took place in January.

Moral of the story is not to feel bad for the right decision.


Sounds to me like you did the right thing, twice.


@Randall318 everything you did was textbook correct. There is no excuse for the Deputy calling you out for choosing to let the perpetrator run away. The same would generally be true of a LEO regarding shooting a fleeing felon. In Tennessee v. Garner, 471 US 1 (1985) the Supreme Court held that a police officer may use deadly force to prevent the escape of a fleeing suspect only if the officer has a good-faith belief that the suspect poses a significant threat of death or serious physical injury to the officer or others.
If the incident would not have allowed a LEO to shoot than, as you said, it would have been criminal for you to do so.


@Randall318, it sounds like you did the right thing and knew what you – as a responsibly armed American – should do. We are not police officers and you represented those who carry very well. Especially when you stayed civil and polite with the officer.

Glad to have you here!


@MikeBKY @Dawn @Zee,

I appreciate you guys. It’s feel’s even better on my conscious coming from a USCCA Employee and Practicing Attorney/Retired Law enforcement

However, I do conclude he was having a bad day, but when a representative of our law says such things you underestimate the decision once made and begin thinking, “Could I have done something differently?”

It’s almost as if the deputy wanted me to take the young man off the streets permanently and that defeats law and moral.

Thank all of you for contributing and the comments are not taken lightly.


Randall W. Anderson


Yes, of course you could have done something differently. There are so many decisions to be made in a situation like that. You did the best you could with the knowledge and training you had. Don’t Monday morning quarterback this too much. Would you have done anything differently after what the officer said? I probably wouldn’t have.

What is the point of self-defense? Staying alive and getting home to your family. You did that.

Are we police officers? No. Based on your explanation, you didn’t have to shoot and IMO made the right choice to be a good witness. You went home to your family and your actions were responsible.


From another perspective, which still supports the decision you made, had you shot him, you would have to live with that decision as well. I have been blessed not to have ever had to discharge my weapon on or off duty. My son, a Marine, had to respond to a deadly threat from a protester who started firing from outside the fence with deadly force. No one was injured except the shooter. He did absolutely everything right and the force was, without question, justifiable. He still struggles with his decision, which was less of a decision than a reactionary response. He did what he had to do. He lives with that every day and struggles with the question of how God could ever forgive him.
Either way, you have to live with your decision. At least you can live with the decision not to shoot from the comfort of your home instead of the inside of a prison.


Your son sounds like an upstanding man. Please thank him for his service.

He protected others. I’m pretty sure God guided him to protect others in that situation. I hope he finds peace about the situation, @MikeBKY.


I put our USCCA sticker on under my door bell at the entrance of my apartment in Hollywood, California.
My neighbor took it down and wrote me a note informing me that, that area is a common area and he doesn’t support, “ That Organization “ He doesn’t
Feel political statement is right for me to post.
I thought this was Insurance.


@MikeBKY @Dawn

I highly appreciate.that. Very true…our goal is home with the family.

@MikeBKY, I agree with @Dawn, your son sounds like a great man and even better son. God bless him!

I highly admire and appreciate you again for sharing your son’s story because never have I looked at it the other way around and I’m certain the same thoughts would be there because of my faith.

So, honestly it’s lose, lose but the lawful and moral decision was made therefore as you both indicate to leave the law enforcing to the LEO and get my butt home and drop it…maybe say a prayer, but regardless I’ve done my assignment.

Friends, I highly appreciate your comments and thoughts!


We are not a political organization nor are we insurance, @Donald37. The USCCA has memberships that include education, training and legal protection to help you if you’re ever in a self-defense incident.

Let your neighbor know that we are focused on education and training to help everyone stay safe! Will he agree/understand? I don’t know, but you are welcome to direct him to our blog, Community, Youtube Channel, and other social media pages to see how focused we are on helping people learn and stay safe.

Glad to have you here!


Thank you @Randall318 and I will pass you’re message along to my son. And I pray without ceasing, you will be included.


Yes, the USCCA is firearm carry insurance.

All of us here, no matter lawyer, member, or employee want you to obey your apartment policy so you may live at peace and not get evicted, however, if that is just a neighbor, ignore their comments. I’m sure our friends here at the USCCA would not mind sending you some more stickers with the purchase of a new shirt or maybe a coffee mug.

Best regards,

Randall W. Anderson


Great idea, @Randall318! @Donald37, watch your snailmail-mail box for new stickers, window clings and an extra Concealed Carry Magazine which I’d love for you to give to your neighbor if you think there’s any hope of changing his mind about responsible firearm owners. If not, please feel free to give it to someone who would appreciate the knowledge :smiley:

(Still not insurance, USCCA memberships include education, training and legal protection to help you if you’re ever in a self-defense incident. :wink: )


@Donald37 glad to have you here.

Regarding insurance… USCCA isn’t exactly insurance, it’s a membership org for training and information, with a benefit of legal assistance. Kinda like insurance, but technically different.

You may want to point out to your neighbor:

  1. USCCA is not a political organization and we have members of all political parties (and no political party). There are liberals, democrats, libertarians, republicans, conservatives, and everything in between right here on this forum. We agree on 2nd amendment rights, and the right to effective self-defense, but politics is another animal altogether.

  2. His opinion of politics does not trump your freedom of expression.

  3. It’s not his door. Your door is your business unless the common-space rules prevent you putting stuff on your door, it’s not his place to remove your items from your door.

If I were being contentious, I’d be asking him to reimburse me for the cost of the sticker, since he removed (and presumably disposed of) my property. You can get a price online at the USCCA site.

If I were NOT being contentious, which is probably the better course, I might engage him in a discussion of point #1 above, particularly around our 1st and 2nd amendment rights - as you engaged both in the act of stickering your door. You may also want to print and have on hand some of these: CHECK IT OUT! "You're Safer Having Me Next to You" Tool

Some folks on here will suggest that flying under the radar (no NRA or USCCA or other pro-2A or firearms-related stickers) is a more prudent choice, reducing your chance of being targeted for burglary (firearms are a choice item for thieves). It’s a legitimate position.

Because I’m an instructor and my hubby in particular is a 2A activist, we are more visible in our positions. We sport the stickers on our vehicles and we OC (him always, me sometimes)… for the purpose of being visible in the act of exercising our rights and for opening conversations. It’s also a legitimate position.

If you do choose to engage your neighbor on the topic, be mindful of keeping your temper and acting and speaking with respect, even if your neighbor doesn’t… as concealed (or open) carriers, we need to be taking the high road, always.



Hey, I was aware the USCCA was more than the quote on quote “carry insurance”. However, I was not aware they were not defined as such.

Learned another thing today! Regardless of what one might define you as…you, all are appreciated!

@Dawn, were you able to get some of the Mardi Gras community coffee that was sent to you guys? I wanted to know if that flavor was any good…

Now, the other is what some might define as “Cajun Crack” in some Parishes! :joy::joy:

Hoping you guys enjoy and thanks for all the hard work!

Randall W. Anderson


Great response. I live in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Very Liberal area. People often tell me to move but I have been here all my life and love California just not how Liberals have taken hold. When I had Vietnam Veteran plates on my car it was assaulted. I am so very tired of these people that feel the need to control my Constitutional Rights. That being said, what comes up

for me is what Christ would do. “Revenge is mine saith the Lord” I moved the sticker but keep Armed at all times. I love the USCCA and it’s Community

Getting a Concealed Carry Permit here is not easy to say the least but I Did It.

Still In Gods Graces


Are you a Veteran Donald?

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