Nov. 10th, 1775 in Tunn Tavern

thank you

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and same to you but more of it…

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Marines have ALWAYS had great respect for The Hospital Corps, they are honorary Marines.

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I was in the last 2 years of Viet Nam, I never saw combat and I have the upmost respect for those of you who saw things that no human being should ever have to see. My dad was a Korean War Marine combat vet-- the early months-- he told me only 2 stories of his time in combat that brought him to tears 30 years later, I never had the heart to ask him any more questions. My Grandma told me that he was never the same when he come home.

1973-1975, H&MS-16, MAG-16, 3d MAW, FMFPac.

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And now their children are destroying this Nation. :sleepy:

@Danny28 my mother forbade me to become a Marine, she hated all things my father, so I became a Corpsman :sunglasses: I never wanted the title of Marine and was more honored when the Gunny and others transitioned from “Corpsman” and “Petty Officer” to “Doc”. I think one of the highest honors I had was in Desert Storm, I had been “drafted” by the Marines because I was waiting for a plane ride back to the boat after dropping of a nut case patient at the Fleet Hospital.
My old Master Guns walked into radio, “Doc!! What are you doing here?”
Me: “Trying to catch a bird back to the bird farm Master Guns”
Him: “F*&% that my Corpsman just went down, I need you.” Words were passed stars and eagles talked and I was shanghaied.
I got a bag full of Chocolate Chips that didn’t fit and I looked like Sad Sack. We got to waaaaaayyyyy out there and the Master Guns introduced me to the head shed and the important folks (the Sergeants) . A Lance Criminal from back in the day had just made SGT and he pinned his Corporal Stripes upside down on my collar to simulate 2nd class petty officer and turned to the rest . “This ain’t just no Corpsman this is MY Doc, you in good hands. We can’t have him walking around like those (Insert 3 letter club here) F*&%'s” (I’ve still got the Corporal collar devices)

Things got a bit “sporty” on multiple occasions and I am sad to say the only Marines that didn’t make it home were dead when I got there, the rest of them lived in spite of their best efforts to imitate an Army guy named Audy Murphy.

Semper Fi my brothers in arms you are not the only ones Always Faithful. It was my honor to walk beside you




The Korean war is the least talked about war ever. The stories I have heard are the worst a person couldn’t even imagine. I heard about amputees that survived only because their blood froze when they started to bleed. Fighting in -50 degree weather with inappropriate gear. Marines from the Korean war have my greatest respect!


It was to our benefit that you became a corpsman.

My calling you an Honorary Marine was meant as a High Honor.

Your story, which I read at about 2AM almost brought tears to my eyes, I’m sure it was something in the air :wink:

“Non sibi sed patriae” – “Not for Self but Country”
-Unofficial Navy Motto

Doc, you are truly a man among Marines. God Bless!


One of the biggest honors I was to be involved in was at the Church I went to about 25 years ago… … On Veterans Day, the Pastor had all of us stand up by which war we served, Starting with WW2, Korean, Viet Nam, Gulf War One…

After we all stood, Pastor thanked us and prayed for us. Before we sat down he called up all the Korean War and Viet Nam War veterans to the stage ( a couple 100 probably), Pastor and all the congregation gave us that Welcome Home we never got. This memory is bringing tears to my eyes as I type.


May our service and our pride in our country inspire a younger generation to do the same.


Same units in '66&'67 at Marble Mt. + HMH-463, SEMPER Fi brother and welcome home !!


Semper Fi!

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