"Not Today"

This is my story about when a young man attempted to take my Vehicle. However, nobody was hurt in this encounter, but all events are true to the best of my knowledge from the occurrence.

After this past week after finding the results about my girl having a miscarriage, I need something to get my mind off it and writing helps…

Thanks to all my family here at the USCCA community that supports me. Each of you has been a blessing to my life.

January 19th, 2019 at about 5:00 A.M.

It was a cool January morning and the frost was covering the grass and the sun had not touched the sky yet. It was a morning like any other. Nothing felt different, but as always, I waited until morning to go grab a pack of cigarettes,

Upon Walking into the Valero (Now owned by Circle K) about one square block from my previous home, I Immediately noticed this young man, maybe in his early 20’s, over by the soft drink machine. He was moving fast, and you could tell his mind was moving faster than his body was as well as he was extremely skinny and as he walked up behind me while another gentleman was purchasing his coffee for the morning, I turned around as the nice guy I am and said, good morning.

The older gentleman paid for his coffee and this staff knows me because I’m always in there so, she greeted me good morning and, I said the same while politely asking for Marlboro Red 100’s in a box. About this time, I received a text message and did not reach for my phone at the time, I noticed the young man that was behind me was walking back to the soda machine as I told the cashier to have a blessed day as well as seeing her later.

Upon getting in the car, I immediately packed my cigarettes and lit one while rolling down my window about halfway. You should know, I was actually in my girl’s car which is a yellow (green on the title) 2017 Toyota Corolla (I’m a Jeep man myself, but she parked behind me that night so in order to not wake her up at the time, I just used hers to shift it to the side when needing to go to work about 7:30 A.M). I’m so glad that I did choose her because she had her own Glock 17 (I carry the same and she liked it so, I got her one as well) tucked by the seat and, I noticed it while getting into the car, but had the urge to get onto her for,
(1) leaving in the car.
(2) open and visible.

However, now I’m so relieved she did (God had allowed her to forget for my own protection).

While looking down at my phone, my sister had sent me a message over Facebook, and she was telling me about her financial situation asking to borrow some money. Which, I have my older sisters back along with not minding, it bothered me because it was so early, but I’m guessing she knew I liked to get up about that time to read the Shreveport Times while smoking a few cigarettes and gulping a few mugs of coffee before work.

Moreover, I was looking down at my phone (Lesson # One… Pay attention). subsequently, this guy walks out of the store, again white male, early 20, and he says,

“This is my car now B****!”

He said it so loud, it startled me and, I dropped my phone while reaching for the gun.

The man had one hand behind his back, therefore, I pulled the weapon and said, "Not today B*****(Keep in mind, I don’t use profanity and avoid it at all cost since finding my life in Christ).

The young man’s eyes popped even bigger than his pupils already were (Assuming he was on drugs). As his mind realized that this was no game, he dove towards the woods right by old middle school (Man the stuff we did in those woods as kids, Lord forgive us). As soooon as I could not see him with my bare eyes due to the dark woods, I called the authorities.
While on the phone for no more than 30 sec, the police swamped that place!! I mean, after the first one (1) minute, it looked like a Sheriff substation, with both city and sheriff dept on scene.
Therefore, I believe that the cashier pressed a silent alarm or some sort. However, upon approach, of course, their guns were drawn, but mine was now cleared with the mag on the dashboard.

Lastly, they searched me and took the weapon for all OUR safety.

They, of course, wanted to know my side. Although the head robbery detective said I did what any other law-abiding citizen would do including himself. The perpetrator was never caught.

After much time went by, I ran into that deputy that was on scene and made me feel guilty about not pulling the trigger, but we all know I did the right thing (I mean how could anybody shoot a man in the back or who retreated?).

Thanks for all those who read, and God bless.

Two tips for this encounter,
(1) Pay attention to your environment
(2) Avoid your phone in public places. While others are on the phone us as law-abiding fire-arm carriers should be paying attention.


What do we say to the god of death? “Not Today” ~ Game of Thrones

Very sorry to hear about you and your sweetheart’s trouble. Very glad you were able to keep this event from turning into a Very Bad Day.

I think your response sounds spot-on - drop the phone and draw to defend. I think you did the right thing on using just the force needed to stop the threat.

I would add to your list:

  1. Always Carry if you legally can
  2. Don’t leave your firearm unsecured - if hers had been lifted from the car overnight, your day would have been quite different.

Scary story, glad you are ok.


Thank you @Zee!

You always have the right words!!

&& YES! Those are good add on’s! For all who would like to add on please drop it belowVVVVV


I completely support our police, but I don’t agree with that sentiment at all! He should have known that there was no legal justification for you to shoot. You didn’t say anything about a gun, but it sounds like the young man could have had a weapon behind his back. I probably would have done the same thing you had (only with a Sig :wink: ). I’m very glad it turned out a well as it did, @Randall318!




I love the Police and all they do to help protect us. but like we discussed before, maybe he was having a bad day.
I think because of my influence from the police(I mean they helped me in tremendous ways when I was a child, and even though it was the hard way, they help get me away from drugs as a juvenile) Therefore, I hold all they say to heart and that’s why his opinion really stuck with me all that time.



When I wrote about my situation on 12/19/18, I had not seen this post. I would like to offer you the same type of grace that you offered me. I know how stressful that had to have been.

If you ever need to talk about it, I would like to offer an ear. From my own experience, it can be difficult to “talk” the feelings out of it with those around you. I know I didn’t talk about it for a year, because I didn’t want to put my feelings on those around me.

So, from me to you, if you ever need to talk about it. Would be glad to.


Thank you, brother!

You are right in the fact that sometimes it’s really hard to talk about feelings. I think it’s easy to push it off sometimes.

@Zavier_D, one of this issues that still come up in my head is “Did I do the right thing?”


I get that, brother man, I get that. It took me a year and to finally just sit down and write out my anger and self doubt on this forum. To have eyes that weren’t mine to see more clearly.


People like you on here helped me see as well that all the right calls were made but there are still days where self doubt comes in.

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