Not helping our cause

I’m not into name calling (unless it is of myself!), but talk about fools…

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Brad, I understand what you are are saying, but I have to comment on the article. Wow, that was a very poorly written article. First of all, it made the claim that last month was the biggest month for mass shootings according to Gun Violence Archive. Funny, that hasnt been all over the news. Honestly, if it were true, one would logically think that would be all over the news and that the liberal media would be all over it. Second, how does an article about a man who was turned away from a night club in San Antonio turn into an article about the police shooting a man in Atlanta? How are the two stories related, let alone provide a segue into spending half the article talking about something completely unrelated?


You’re right and astute.

1-anything negative about firearms seems to make the news (big outlets and/or small). Either way it is bad publicity. People won’t read it is “drunk fool fires at innocent people.” This IMHO isn’t great.
2-The path of the article shows how “news” (used loosely) always gets tied back to the current affair (whether it be Clinton…pun intended, or whatever else). With every death from a broken foot where the person sneezed on the way into the ER adds to the death by corona numbers, this article is tied back to the story of the day/week/month.

I’d argue that this is the media we’re (everyone, truly) is up against.


This is the problem with gun free zones.

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