Not Firearms but it is Private Property - Could Red Flag Laws be used like this?

There is a Government Official behind this. Someone sat in a Government Office and said “Keep all of the money, she get’s nothing”. I do not doubt for a second that this tactic can and will be applied to Red Flag Laws.


Terrible! Most likely, an unelected tyrant was behind all this.


Honestly, the 4th and 5th amendments get trampled as often as the 2nd. She had her property seized, probably without due process, and for sure without compensation. I’m glad our Supreme Court saw that.

Police departments across the country can seize property just on the suspicion it was acquired through illegal means, while never having to bring charges against the owner. It is then, literally, up to the owner to prove his innocence to hopefully get his property back. It’s totally backwards to everything the Bill of Rights and the presumption of innocence stand for, but it happens all the time.


More than one government employee passed muster on this seizure of a 94-year-old woman’s property. The county attorney, with the like approval of the county commissioners, saw fit to not only seize the property and not refund the excess collected, but to take her case to the US Supreme Court. And that government employee is in a job for life with a taxpayer-funded pension after they grow tired of working. I guess that’s why it was so important – somebody has to pay for those pensions.