Norma Non-eXpanding Defense Ammo

Look on YT, I have already done my homework and Underwood was my choice. :slightly_smiling_face:


Uhm. That’s definitely going through someone.


In a lot of short barrel guns JHP’s are inconsistent. They don’t expand and over penetrate or they do expand and under penetrate. Especially prevalent in mouse guns. The Glock 42 has a 1/2" longer barrel than most of the 380 mouse guns and it makes a big difference in bullet performance. The fluted rounds make a lot of sense if they perform as advertised in the short barrels. The rounds depend on light weight for velocity same as the Federal Punch and CCI Stinger. I would like to see this round work in 380, 32 ACP and 38 spl. I can see a risk of over penetration in longer barrels. I would like to see how they perform in a 9mm Hellcat or similar sub compacts.


This is where the GOOD JHP’s really elevate themselves over the majority. Stuff like HST.

Check out this series. He tests actual calibrated real deal organic ballistics gel both bare and denim layered using a micro 3" barrel.


I bought the Underwood for my Beretta Tom
cat .32 acp, took it to the range and it shot a 4" group at 25yds. with 7 rounds, with just a double palm rest on the bench, I’m like WOW.
I bought these with the short barrel in mind. 2" on the Tomcat. :+1:
I have not shot any meat with these yet.


The lighter bullet makes it travel faster with the same pressure.


Yes, that’s true… I’m wondering if manufacturer doesn’t provide that info, does it mean they use standard pressure?

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