Bumped into this article while doing some research. I like people who are open and honest and this seems like one of them. Not a group joiner. Not vilifying anyone.


Interesting read.

I cannot argue with his findings as they are his opinions in what seems to me to be an unbias point of view.

While we did not win one over, we also did not gain an opponent.


We shoot whatever we are comfortable and feel safe with.

I’ve tried Wilson Combat AR9 one day at the range and couldn’t find it interesting. I’m far from saying “fun or not fun”, firearms are not for fun… Anyway, that was my first and probably last time I’ve been shooting AR platform. I just fell better, more comfortable with pistol.
However everyone should try this at least once to be prepare to use it again in case of emergency…


I think the article is well summed up by this quote

Our nation was built on God and guns, though I want nothing to do with either


I think this guy fits in the same boat with my niece’s husband. He drives a Tesla with a “Bernie” sticker on it that embarrasses the rest of us. My family lives all over the US, but every time we have a family get together we end up behind the barn shooting handguns and rifles. As it turns out, this guy does not own any firearms, but he joins in with us and I’ve got to say he is a natural. For somebody that seemingly does not support 2A, he sure does shoot pretty darn good!


I thought it was intellectually honest right up to this point:

but I don’t believe any Americans’ beloved firearms are in danger of being taken away or restricted.

And that’s where he stopped doing his homework. Good reporters are supposed to be full of curiosity. This guy by his own admission is easily bored.


I agree with you @Zee. He hasn’t seen any of the debates or read anything with respect to the current Democrat candidates for presidency.

BlockquoteI felt very safe even though I was surrounded by two dozen strangers of all ages, and both genders, firing off all kinds of handguns, rifles and rapid-fire assault weapons.

I’m not sure what he is referring to because Shoot Point Blank does not rent out any “assault weapons” and does not allow “rapid fire.”


I disagree. Now I’m not saying people should be irresponsible with firearms, don’t get me wrong here. But target practice is fun, for me. Not fun like video games or sports. It’s a hobbyist type of fun. Something I enjoy doing every time I get to go out and shoot.


Haha… Actually I was waiting for this kind of response.
Yeah. You are right. I have “a fun” shooting as well.

However “FUN” has two faces… and in this case I saw bad side of “fun”…

“So, was it fun?”
This was the first question I was asked after shooting a Ruger AR-556 auto-loading rifle.
“Hmmm,” I replied, taking a second to think it through.
Interesting, yes. Educational, certainly. Exhilarating, at least at first.
“But fun?” I replied. “No, I wouldn’t call it fun.”
I’ve never shot such a weapon in my life. I likely never will again.

That was exactly the same situation, very similar conversation when I handled AR for the first time…
We like to shoot but the same time we know we shoot for life… I will never call it FUN.


When his Tesla shorts out and catches fire, he’ll “feel the Bern”…:joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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I thought the article was fairly well reasoned given the media deluge of “guns Bad”, that he didn’t enjoy it, OK. I didn’t like riding motorcycles the first time and had I not run across someone doing dirt bike I probably would never had cause to get on one again. I’m still not much on bass fishing as I think they taste like crap and you have to give back 3/4 of them but some folks dig it. I don’t want to convert everyone but I think everyone should have the opportunity to experience shooting and make their own decision. What bothers me most in today’s landscape is people that are ABSOLUTE in their view but have never experienced XY or Z regarding the topic at hand. There is little to ZERO tolerance for a differing, not even, opposing view point. Where has the art of debate and intellectual conversation gone?




All things considered, it wasn’t nt a horrible article. I myself, am not a big AR fan. In fact, my only interest in the AR platform, at this time, is an AR pistol in .350. With one of many ways to make it a single shot “pistol”, it would be a nice alternative to my 12 gauge for deer season. I prefer other styles of rifles, for their intended purposes. I’m not against others owning whole piles of them, just not my cup of tea.