Non-verbal Cues

I’m going to start a new topic with that, @James! I love the concept and I think a lot of people here could benefit from it!


This topic is so legit. Paying attention your your surroundings and to non-verbal cues can likely keep you out of a situation before it starts.

I urge everyone to check out some videos by Tim Kennedy/Sheepdog response. World Class stuff.




The shooting at that church in Texas, White Settlement?
When I watched the video. The guy came in wearing a long duster (by itself not innately wrong), but he never took it off. That screamed out suspicious to me. I’m betting that screamed out suspicious to the church security team. I’m betting that’s why the good guy reacted so fast?

To me that’s the sort of thing that screams out for attention.


I just found a great podcast and youtube channel.


Lots of great responses here. I’d add that when I see something I don’t like, I’m acting upon it. Change direction, modify routine, or even present my own non-verbal cues to them. Kind of a ‘I see you and am ready for you’. They aren’t looking for a fair fight, and move on without incident.


Welcome to the community @KevinE! You’re right. Don’t play in to being the victim.

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I was coming home from the Gym that I do aquatic therapy at. I swim a mile 3 times a week. While I was driving I noticed a car had.made 2 turns that I had made so I changed my direction. I always pay attention to the traffic behind me.

Turns out it was my wife, she called and asked me where I was going, she said it was her following me. I told her you know me, you make a couple of turns that I take, I am going anywhere but to my home.


That’s very true, Colorado in my home resident state; probably has the worse road rage I’ve experienced. Seen so so so many times road rage turns into worse nightmare for the retaliate(s). Some get through stoplights by running red lights some many have caused other accidents trying to make a point with your vehicle. Lived all over the country and never seen it this bad in this state. I’m not a native of the state but maybe it’s the high altitude thin air or something. Me I can be last 365 days out the year b/c its not worth engaging in situations you might make it out of safety all b/c of one’s pride and ego. Why? Doesn’t gain nothing nor pay the bills, mortgage car notes etc. Absolutely Nothing… What comes around goes around.