No Wait November: Personal goal week 2

How did you do for week 1 No Wait November: Personal goal for the week?

What is your No Wait November goal this week?

Post your goal below and then post them somewhere you will see them every morning!


Have a successful practice as a 4H Rifle instructor. Rimfire rifles, 10-18 year old kids. Weather forecast for that day, 47 degrees high.

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I own part of our local shooting range, entirely by accident actually. I bought my property adjoining the local country club and the city manager at the time didn’t realize that part of the bench rest shooting range was on my side of the line.

Our new city manager is a lot sharper and also a shooter and he and I have been working to develop it into a true multi purpose shooting complex with dedicated areas for bench rest shooting/sighting in etch, prone shooting (rifles), trap, skeet, dedicated pistol and archery areas as well.

I spent much of the last ten days or so working on developing it and helping the crush of guys trying to sight in a rifle at the last second because deer season is already underway.


I plan on finally making my wife a leather phone case for her cell phone. I have to tool it, stain it, and then put it together. I also need to get a copy of my birth certificate in order to get one of the new drivers licences that my state has come out with for traveling. So these are my plans for this week.