No more Russian ammo!

Pretty simple. Russian ammo manufacturers will simply export it to another country like Romania, rebox/label it, and then off to the USA market. Bad part, it will drive up the cost a bit.


Lengthy email today from Sam Gabbert.( regarding this situation. I trust Sam more than anyone else selling ammo, buying heavily when he was in the “it won’t get better than this” and realizing afterwards his words weren’t simply hype Here’s his input.
Bulk Ammo In Stock With Free Shipping and My Russian Ammo Sanction Opinion |

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Well, at least we know now who is really running the white house. Hillary is still blaming Russia for her loss to Trump in 2016 and she’ll never be convinced otherwise no matter how many investigations say it just wasn’t so. The new sanctions and the lame assed Navalny excuse are so typical Hillary.


The only reason is to mess with legal firearms users. Anything to drive prices up.


Welcome to the community James. I agree with you completely. Anything having to do with the lawful ownership of firearms in this Country is despised by this administration.

Stay safe out there.


I am quite upset about this since I have found a website selling Russian ammo (9mm) for $17-24 a box (50 rounds). I never had a bad experience with their ammo and now I am sure prices will go up. It is so upsetting that the government is always trying to screw the legal owners of firearms.


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To take it a little further he also put a smile on the faces of the gun hating crowd. IMO

I think this is super important to highlight. For many years Sam was telling us “buy now while prices are low”. He’s been pretty forthright and accurate across 2020 predicting the state of the industry as well. I value his perspective on what’s going on as far as ammo is involved.

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Check out Freedom Munitions…They have been pretty well stocked with brass cased 9mm, $17/box for reloads and about $18.50 for new…I’ve shot thousands of rounds of their stuff ($6k worth purchased back when 9mm
. was 8-9 bucks a box)
and been happy with it…

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Thanks for this info!

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From one distributor, on the situation:

hank you for subscribing to the newsletter. If you have trouble viewing this email you can see the newsletter at this link: Bulk Ammo In Stock With Free Shipping and My Russian Ammo Sanction Opinion

There has been a lot of people asking me about the sanctions on Russian ammo imports put in place by the US state department this past week and what it means for the future of ammunition supplies. There will be more clarity in several weeks when we can see the publication of a Federal Register notice expected on September 7, 2021. The state department announcement can be seen at this page -

My Russian Ammo Sanction Opinion - First, I hope you don’t ‘shoot the messenger’ and I’d like to pat everyone on the back and tell them things are going to be okay but that wouldn’t be truthful. In my opinion the sanctions are a major game-changer in the ammunition supply chain that is already strained. For the time being and based on what we can see so far, we believe that this will be the effective end of Russian made ammo in the USA as it plays out over the next year or so as import permits expire or are filled to the quantity limits, and in doing so eliminate supply of a huge portion of the ammo in the US commercial market. From what I understand, the USA commercial market consumes around 800,000,000 rounds of ammunition from Russia every year, roughly 800 semi truck trailers worth in a mix of the most popular calibers. For the immediate short term we expect ammo to keep coming in from Russia but I expect the importers to raise prices substantially which is understandable to me given its the end of the lifespan for their business model. The calibers we believe will be most effected are soviet metric calibers like 7.62x39, 5.45x39, and 7.62x54R because there is almost zero available manufacturing capacity for these calibers outside of Russia and what little exists will not make a significant impact in filling the needs of the USA commercial market without Russian ammo absorbing the lion’s share. In addition to these calibers, I estimate that the Russians supplied 30% to 40% of the 223 Rem / 5.56 and 9mm Luger consumed at the shooting ranges across this country, and large portions of the 45 auto, 9x18 Makarov, 30 carbine, 308 Winchester / 762x51, 380 Auto, 300 Blackout and 6.5 Grendel. I see this as a potentially devastating blow to the supply for of 223 Rem / 5.56 and 9mm Luger, where the reduction in supply from Russia will be difficult to make up in the short term for other manufacturers who have already been unable to keep up with demand this past year. Consumers who have used Russian ammo regularly will have to move on from Russian made ammo to those other products made elsewhere and in doing so absorb the supply and prolong recent shortages. Again this is my opinion, based on my knowledge of the industry after 20+ years experience, and how things play out over time could be different. For me, selling Russian made ammo is about 40% of my business, and while we plan to source as much supply as we can from other sources, we do expect this to have a major negative impact on supply for 7.62x39, 7.62x54R, 5.45x39, 9mm Makarov, 9mm Luger, 223 Rem / 5.56 NATO, as well as the other mentioned calibers.

Free Shipping Promo - For the rest of August we will be offering free shipping on orders with $200 or more of merchandise, and a $12 flat rate for orders under $200. To get to the free shipping threshold of $200 you can mix and match different items until the order subtotal reaches $200 or more, or purchase any item over $200. This is a temporary promo through the end of this month as we test the waters of offering free shipping. Depending on how it goes we may continue to extend this offer or make it permanent but for now the offer is only for set for the rest of this month. Below is a list of products that have been popular recently. It has been 17 months straight of the highest demand levels for ammunition ever seen, exhausting supplies of many popular calibers and driving prices up. Many things that were once normal have changed in this time including price and availability of ammunition. All things considered I think we have some decent deals on some calibers at this time. If this newsletter does not promote calibers or types of ammo that you use then future newsletters will as supply allows. We recommend that you stay subscribed even if this product list does not meet your needs, as other products will come in time. We thank you for your support of our family owned and operated business and will do our best to serve our clients well in these strange times, so please stay subscribed for future SGAmmo newsletters. If you have some spare time please take a few minutes and look over the online catalog at

Thank you, Sam Gabbert, SGAmmo Owner

Never was crazy about supporting the Commies.


Not supporting Commies. We already have too many in Pelosi’s club


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Welcome to the right side of things!

Thanks Jack
Its about America first, stop supporting the Russian machine that’s only interest is to kill American soldiers and bring our society to an end


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I agree 100%. From what I know, ammo manufacturers in Russia are quasi-commercial entities. They are fused with government and military of the country.

I’ve heard that Russia exports nearly 800 million rounds to the US annually. That seems like a lot but probably not much in $$ or rubles. BUT it does equate to nearly 40% of the rounds sold in the US.
As for me, I will be buying as much 7.62x39 as I can since it’s still cheaper than 5.56.

this guys’s a trip, but a bearer of good news in this vid…not quite sure on this, was nodding off when I watched it, but seem to remember some #'s not aligning with what others had to say.


People HAVE to buy where they can to PROTECT THEMSELVES AND THEIR LOVED ONES! If/when American manufacturers pick up the slack and lower prices MOST people will buy American over russian.