No Charges for Man Who Booby Trapped His Truck


For those who don’t want to watch to find it:

A non injuring “flashbang” (sounds like a blank shotshell) set within the truck, triggered when the console is opened. His window had been smashed 7 times in less than a year.

So, just a loud noise basically…more or less

Also, seeming lawyer in video says there is a risk to the truck owner if somebody comes forward and says they were injured by it


Bad guys need to start feeling us, no projectiles in a Willy Pete!

By all rights the insurance company should cover the truck. Place a “NO VANDALIZING TRUCK ZONE” that should be sufficient warning. Real tired of bad guy always winning.


Signs work awesome. :partying_face:


Have you tried these, no one has ever come into my backyard in 33 years!

Word of mouth works too. Told my lawn service guy, no need to do the back lawn, I haven’t finished burying the bodies! Haven’t seen him since.


Electrical signs might be just the kind of thing that actually works.

Extra points if you are a HAM and have some antenna(s) action going on.

Few people want to screw with electricity, and you can’t even see it…


Re: Signs, that assumes the perp can read. Who remembers this? Burglar Protected:


If they are sufficiently warned, all bets are off. I win, you lose!

I’m all for booby trapping my house as a smart home.
Big fan of A.I. as well!
Alexa, deactivate! Common sense house rules! SIRI activate!
As soon as they come up with a common sense burglar or idiot, I’ll consider common sense Gun laws! Until then ALEXA, SIRI, VIKI ACTIVATE!

@Nathan57 I love the antenna thing, plus a few strategically placed roadkill, should absolutely do the trick!
If they can’t read English they can surely see and smell death.
What? I should put up a sign “No Burglary Zone?” It’s called the front door!
Breach the door, I breach your body! All in an effort to stop the threat!
Disclaimer: no burglars were injured during the writing of this segment!

Yes, but…

Remember you don’t own that AI, and it has no loyalty to you. Its master is Jeff Bezos, Mr. Washington Post.

Guess it’s back to low tech razor wire and claymores.
“Claymores, activate, activate…not working, click, click, oh no! Alexa deactivate house!


WILLY PETE is bad stuff if you are in the vacinity


On the gate to the back yard we have a sign that says NO TRESS PASSING! we don’t call 911,we call the coroner,put that up when the cable repairman came in the back yard with no warning at all,just went in and disconnected our cable so house behind us could have cable, and no the cable was all paid,and my daughter told Comcast cable that if her dad saw him back there without our knowledge ,he was lucky to be still living,now they call and the repair man also rings door bell

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Recently put up a 6’ vinyl privacy fence with the ability to lock it.
I requested a permit for razor wire and electrifying, I don’t understand why they turned me down? It’s locked 24/7

I’m at the point if you want to come on my land you’ll need to beg for permission! How did we get here? Most of my life I had an open door policy, if you had the beer we had the briquettes.

Can’t believe one guy did this. Our nation, indeed, has become the Wild West and it’s all due to the new sheriff. I’m going to have to watch some old western movies!

This may sound like a stupid question, but is it still considered breaking and entering if they jump the fence?
Is breaking into the backyard the same as breaking into a house if the yard is surrounded by a barrier?
I understand from this forum that detached and attached garages are a tricky deal!

In addition, if crime is legal where do we stand? Has Mad Max arrived on a better set with a cleaner wardrobe?

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We have Vivint Security. Signs telling you that you are on camera and no trespassing signs. Also have the gates locked with chain and padlock. Does this stop you from climbing the fence? No, but in the eyes of the law it leaves NO DOUBT that you are here UNINVITED! I do not advertise that I am armed. At home or in my vehicle.


Thats an absolute truth right there!

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