Nics & sis?

In the state of Missouri we have what’s called a suspended imposition of sentence which waives a conviction but still places the person on probation which after it is served, is dropped off public record. It is a very weird gray area that is confusing to anyone who isn’t a lawyer, but I wanted to learn more about it. Though it waives the conviction, could this still cause problems in passing the NICS? CCW?



Welcome to the Community @Sean36. In Kentucky, it is called deferred prosecution or pretrial diversion. During the deferred or diversion period, you are NOT a convicted felon, however, as part of the agreement, you are not allowed to possess any firearms and, if you violate the terms, the deferral or diversion are revoked and you become a convicted felon. If you complete the program, the case is dismissed with prejudice and you can petition for expungement 60 days after the dismissal.
During the diversion, you cannot purchase a firearm and not get a CCW. After, even without the expungement, you can.