New Yorkers get what they deserve

Migrants accused in beating of New York City police officers still at large | Fox News

Two police are on the ground getting stomped while good New Yorkers pass by without lending a hand.
Does anyone else find this repugnant?


Not so much what they deserve as much as what they voted for.


:thinking: Aaahhh? Maybe the good New York bystanders could not lend a helping hand because then they would get arrested for assaulting these POOR, INNOCENT, YOUNG MIGRANTS :sob: who RECENTLY arrived to the US :point_up:, AND HAVE NO CRIMINAL RECORD “KNOWN :face_with_monocle:” IN THE US! :cry: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :hugs: :smirk: :fu: :wink: If they’re being sought, check to see if they hopped on the BUS heading to CALIFORNIA!


How could you, not see this coming!!! The city disgraced the cops, before the illegals came!!! Why would the new royalty, act any different!!!


The upside down world we live in. Unless things change soon this is going to get very ugly. I can’t say for certain that I don’t look forward to it or even at this point that I would not support it.

Most definitely some of this should swing back on them.

You know you are really thinking it…


After Daniel Penny, you really think ANYONE is go to stop a beat down! You’re joking, right? Like women in sports, cops should drop their uniforms and leave the burning dumpster. Eventually it will burn itself out!

If it doesn’t, who gives a sh/t? Watch your back as parasites decide to escape to a fair upstanding city like your own! We’re not dealing with people anymore, we’ve let animals into the country, most are rabid.
There’s only one way to eradicate rabid parasites!

All of this is moot. The disease entered the bloodstream and sepsis is already spreading! Time to start chopping off limbs.
Hey! They waited too long! California, New York and Chicago need to go!
How do you say in Fauci, 15 days to stop the spread? Flatten the curve.


John . I don’t know what that word is but I was raised to respect the Law I can never understand defending the police . :us:

The defunding that word my letters are not working