New York divided in two


I’ve been reading how New York State May be divided into two states. 90% of the state would become “New Amsterdam” (its former name from the Dutch in the 1600’s). It would become the 51st state. Westchester County, Rockland County, NYC, and Long Islamd would remain New York.
This is currently in the works but has yet to be voted on. I wonder how this will effect the gun laws in the New State? Look it up online, you’ll see.


There is something similar trying to happen in Illinois. The southern part of the state wants free of the wreck that is Chicago.


The third attempt to split CA into 3 states was shot down and removed from the November ballot last year. The first attempt was in 1859, then again in 1959. I’m guessing the same will happen in NY.

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If at all possible we must stay united not allow us to be divided…