New York, California and 16 other states sue the ATF and DOJ


Government is absolutely out of control and headed towards communism. We all need to stand up to these devels.

Look at the 2 headliners: NEW YORK & CALIFORNIA. Are we surprised by this? This is definitely a slippery slope. But, they will not stop so we can’t stop resisting. :loudspeaker:


ATF is probably telling those AGs to STFU. Why? By the definition in the GCA an AR lower is not a firearm. ATF has dropped at least one case because they didn’t want it to goto trial to test that theory.

So now here are the AGs from various gun control states, of which I’m sure none of them have any idea how firearms work, pushing to take this to court.

This is either a monumental blunder by the anti-gun lobby, or a masterful coup because they know they are going to be stacking the SC soon. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯