New Shooter Monday: Labor Day Party Conversations

Happy Labor Day!!

As a new shooter, you may be surprised to find how many people you know have very strong feelings about firearms. You probably could list your friends who are very strongly against firearms. But how many of your friends who shrug-off conversations about firearms are adamantly pro firearms? You may be surprised to find out!

Are your friends and family supportive of your newfound interest in self-defense and firearms?

  • Yes, they know we’re our own first line of protection.
  • No, they think the police will be there to help us all of the time.
  • No, they think guns are bad and no one should have them.
  • I don’t know, we don’t talk guns at big gatherings.

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How do you start a conversation about firearms or self-defense at a gathering of your friends and family?


I mention to them that I had a great range trip and that my shooting has gotten better. I will say something like” did you hear about the guy who stopped an armed robbery by drawing his gun”


Since we all work remote now…it came up on a call at work. None of us were supervisors and it came up because we were all talking, ok complaining, about people hoarding things. This was at the beginning of the pandemic.

All 5 of us on the call owned firearms. Four out of five have our conceal carry permits. We all agreed to let the others know when we saw ammo the other might need.

We have been trying to put a range trip together but just haven’t been able to yet.

I also know of at least 5 other people that are into guns at work. We have a lot of Veterans were I work so problably a lot more.


I have been training and carrying for a long time and I’m not secretive about it. Folks in my life that object to the concept fall into two categories, open minded and willing to respectfully discuss it, close minded and are willing to respectfully accept it/me.

The rest tend to fall off the list swiftly…


I’ve got some family members who know and have no problem whatsoever with gun ownership and carrying, and more who are flaming anti-gun, anti-anything-that-doesn’t-disarm-all-decent-people and wouldn’t get caught dead around a firearm. I believe part of the problem is they know little to nothing about responsible gun ownership. As in “anyone with a gun is obviously going to go to Las Vegas and shoot a bunch of people from a hotel window”.

Most of our friends are of the same general political persuasion as we are and also own firearms.

Been shooting lately? Did you hear about the free guns in Afghanistan? Duck season is Oct. 15th, are you ready? Did you see the civilian style M-249? I want one, I think I will start me a go fund me add for it!! I have a new training drill for you all to try out!

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