New Self Defense item

thinkin some folks may find themselves lookin at an armed IRS agent pointing a firearm at them…

thinkin this needs to be discussed… given the way the FBI has been acting n such…

how to respond??? Not real sure the county sheriff can help…


USCCA = firearms defense…



could or would this become a thing? could or would this be workable???

would the USCCA help out with attorney recommendation in your area maybe???

hope the repubs actually keep their word for a change and repeal that law but… ???


For the IRS, I wonder if there’s a threshold (my $700 tax assessment?) before they draw their guns.

How wicked does one need to be to seek that kind of employment?


that IMHO is the real question… WHO are they hiring???

recall long time back while attending the Vet Center for PTSD we got asked if we wanted to work for the IRS as armed field agents…

seems the IRS thought combat vets were a good source of agents???

to my knowledge NO ONE said yes…

was also told to avoid law enforcement… especially if you were and action junky…

claim was the junky’s often tried to escalate things for the action high…


We talk about “We defend Lives not Stuff” so when an armed IRS Agent shoots and kills someone they will be guilty of defending the Federal Governments taking of Stuff (money) from civilians. That first case, and it’s coming, could end up being an eye opening day for many Americans. The Mantra - “Pay your taxes or we will kill you” isn’t going to go over very well.


Much more expansive than that. :slight_smile:

USCCA = self defense training, education, and access to self defense liability insurance. Much more than simply firearms stuff in that education and training and also in that additional benefit. :boom:

Ya I realize… thinkin many of us may need help with what’s coming???

SOOOO… well… you can do it… I gots faith in yas… ???

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About 40 federal agencies - including nearly a dozen typically not associated with law enforcement - have armed divisions, including the IRS, EPA, Library of Congress, Federal Reserve Board, Bureau of Land Management and Park Service, NOAA, and the National Institutes of Health.

Worrisome? Yes.

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I’ll add to that, around here:
Utah Transit Authority
Granite School District
University of Utah
Brigham Young University
Salt Lake School District

There’s a popular idea among libertarians that no felony should exist unless we’re willing to kill someone over it. Because if an arrest goes sideways, the police might be forced to shoot the suspect. Resisting arrest is a separate crime, of course, but it seems tragic if a suspect dies when the original crime was jaywalking, for example.

The flip side of that coin is that if you aren’t willing to “shoot a perpetrator” (i.e. escalate when a suspect resists), then you can’t really enforce the law. I saw this in my city when the mayor declared that police could not engage in high-speed chases. There was a dramatic rise in people who would simply floor it to escape the police, knowing that the police could not pursue. And it’s safe to assume the people fleeing a simple traffic stop were probably afraid of more than a speeding ticket.

So this can get muddy real quick. I’d guess that most of us wouldn’t want someone to be shot over a tax violation, especially given how ridiculously complex our tax code is. (Few people are capable of being 100% compliant with our entire tax code.) But if we aren’t willing to escalate, then people can simply say “I’m not going to pay taxes,” and I’d guess that most of us don’t want that, either. It sounds fun, but the end game would be disastrous.

So about 2 years ago I got into an accident, I rode my bike into a crosswalk while a car was stopped in the crosswalk I entered the crosswalk and the light must of changed because there is no crosswalk signals. I pull into the crosswalk, and right before I get to this lady’s car she pulls out in front of me and drags me into the street.

2 years later right before the statute of limitations goes out, the insurance company is suing me for the damages to her vehicle.

I went ahead and signed up for a legal service called Legal Shield, they’re currently helping me find attorneys to help fight my case, I already had an attorney waiting to come back from vacation to take my case on. They’ll pay 25% of my case, legal shield covers free consultations, exchanges with attorneys, and up to reading 15 documents in a case.

In some cases they will fight for your case at no cost to you.

Check them out.

I would counter that argument by saying that, well, (see Tennessee v Garner) LE cannot shoot a fleeing suspect in order to affect an arrest.

So I would say it’s not the strongest case to claim that the crime being arrested for needs to be worth killing, because we already aren’t supposed to kill in order to arrest.

Now, if the person poses a credible threat yada yada such that lethal force is justified, that is indeed its own thing, and I would point to the incredibly high % of arrests that are done without lethal force being used to show that correlating an “arrest” with lethal results isn’t all that fair.

But I do believe a whole hell of a lot of crimes, shouldn’t be, including a whole lot of things that are felonies, shouldn’t be illegal at all…and that anything that is a crime, which means it can result in arrest, needs to at least be serious enough to justify the use of ordinary force in and of itself because there is an expectation of some level of force being used/threatened in order to arrest.


Exactly. There are those who seem to think that police should just blow their whistle and tell suspects to go to jail, but in the real world there’s often a level of force- as well as the threat of a higher level of force- that compels people to comply.


You ignore the Fear that the police carry to the streets. Talk to a cop, they’ll tell you, “I don’t deal with innocents people, I have to be concerned about everyone I deal with”. I’ve noticed, around here, the cops shoot people a lot easier than they used to. The DA typically calls it justified but still seems like there are a lot more police officers shooting people.

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I guess maybe, just maybe, need the Republicans to get control, this whole (red wave narrative) went away about 3wks ago, possibly losing 3 seats in senate and done, nothing good happens, not a super in house, something, and besides, how can they take something u don’t own?, if hiuse is still under a mortgage, the bank owns it, same with car, I’m not 100% on this, but they (irs) can’t touch anything in a trust (still trying to find that one out).

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Welcome to the community!

I don’t know jack about that, but, my ASSumption would be, if by “they” you mean the government, they can probably take whatever they want from you regardless of whether or not you have a lien/etc on it.


Hoisin glazed Brussels Sprouts.
Silent but deadly. :laughing:

The gov rips off people at the airports all the time. Don’t carry a large amount of cash. The present gov agenda is to take everything you have and make you dependent on the gov for everything. You wont own anything and you will be happy or else.


That depends on several conditions, such as was the trust created to hide assets, is it revocable/irrevocable, and I am sure there are other ways the IRS can try to get around legal issues. Like the police, they can do illegal acts, but you need to fight them when it occurs. Like the FBI taking Trump’s passports.

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I remember those days… good times.

You forgot Social Security — yes, indeed! good old SS has a SWAT division. Don’t know what for all those old folks cheating on their SS. They’re really not as old as them claim? I saw a list floating around somewhere. Some of the agencies to the best of my knowledge don’t even had public contact.