New school shooting

Breaking on Fox. School shooting in Perry Iowa. No info on casualties or the shooter.


Epstein list dropped this morning and like clockwork or the rising of the sun, there is a school shooting to distract us. Yesterday it was state capitol bomb threats because of Trump being removed from the ballots.

The day before that, our governor was praising the passing of our new unconstitutional red flag law.

See a pattern?

While I may sound and act like a conspiracy nut, I told a few friends that once that list of names drops, the distractions are going to happen. Sure enough I was right. Just wait and see what happens when China invades Taiwan.

But anyway, yeah another terrible tragedy befalls a rural iowa high school. Cue the gun control crazies. We will likely find out that it was an AR15, a gun the kid should not have had, parents oblivious, nobody knew, blah blah. Then the blame will be placed on the gun, the need for an assault weapons ban…

It is a script that we have seen run time and time again. I would have sympathy had the timing not been so obvious. The first PSYOP of 2024.


Yeah, Colorado just passed (with no public vote mind you) 4 new infringements on the second.

With almost clockwork predictability, just days before our fearless leaders voted on these bills we had the worst single day in Colorado history for shootings and gun violence!

IIRC, 7 separate shootings (totally unrelated) and 11 victims.

Of course, absolutely NO suspects!


I haven’t been keeping up with it but apparently the shooter is dead.


Oh brother Tom
You are ripping words right outta my head!
It IS a pattern that has stood the tests of time
Know your enemy!
‘They’ not only want us all disarmed and helpless they want the Gun manufacturers outta business
(Except when they need a resupply)
Guns for thee but not for me.
It’s sad most people don’t see the EVIL in their actions
Kids, Seniors are useful tools to their Master Plan
Now Soro’s is Grooming his kid to take over (Meet the new Boss, same as the old Boss–the Who)
It will NEVER change until we all have said ENOUGH!
I saw these bumper stickers all ove an old lady’s New Tesla (stoopid)
"Friends NEVER let Friends Vote republican’’
’ Hamas is your Friend’ They are being persecuted by THE JEWS!‘…I kid you not!
and other vile/hate filled stuff I won’t print
She had an angry demeanor, a permanant scowl, and he new car was filled w/ cigarettes’ smoke…nice.
Prolly, had her NAZI armband in the glove box too.

There’s Nothing wrong with being a Conspiracy Theorist, especially when we are right most of the time.
SH**'s coming out now.

THE STORM is coming




Speaking of Coincidences


The unfortunate consequences of these ‘distraction’s’ is INNOCENTS DIE!

Iowa caucus= Distractions=FEAR 'Q’uincenence? I think not


Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Deadly Iran Blasts (

(Bloomberg) – Islamic State claimed responsibility for Wednesday’s attack in Iran that killed scores of people and threatened to further inflame tensions in the Middle East.

The terrorist group was behind the blasts near the grave of Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani, according to a statement on the group’s Telegram channel. Tehran said at least 84 people were dead and 220 others wounded, after reducing its estimate of fatalities several times.

Iran had said the blasts were aimed at punishing its stance against Israel’s invasion of Gaza, but US officials said from the start that they had the hallmarks of an operation by a group such as Islamic State.

Islamic State, an extremist Sunni group, is ideologically opposed to Shia-dominated Iran, regarding Shias as infidels.

The explosions took place within 15 minutes of each other outside the graveyard where a crowd of people participated in a ceremony to commemorate the death of Soleimani in a US drone strike in Iraq’s capital in 2020. The blasts were caused by bombs planted in a suitcase and a car near the graveyard entrance and detonated remotely, the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency reported.

The attacks came a day after Israel was believed to be behind the killing of a key leader of the Iran-backed Hamas militant group in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, but US officials said there was no reason to suspect Israeli involvement in the Iran bombings.

Still, the attacks marked a new peak in regional tensions since Israel began its war against Hamas after the group — designated as a terrorist organization by the US and European Union — infiltrated Israel on Oct. 7 and killed about 1,200 people. Since the conflict began, Houthis — an Iranian proxy force in Yemen — have fired missiles and drones against commercial ships in the Red Sea, while Hezbollah has launched attacks against Israel from its bases in Lebanon.


Wouldn’t surprise me if ISIS was responsible. But also wouldn’t surprise me if it was someone else trying to increase tensions in the area and either passing the blame onto ISIS or ISIS is just taking credit for someone else’s act to try and up their image.

There are a lot of people who seem to think getting the US bogged down in a war with Iran would be a good idea. More than a few of them are from the US or our supposed allies.

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What started with a school shooting in Iowa has turn into a lot of who-did-what-to-who. I admire the zeal of your thought process, however, I see that you are getting your “facts” from the mainstream media. Broaden your horizons brother, and maybe your eyes will open, or not. Just realize that ANYTHING the government allows to be printed has a taint about it.


That’s why you have a brain, so you can read the article and decide for yourself. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


reports I saw say the shooter was trans/gay or some such???

so expect the news to ignore the story I guess… don’t fit their agenda???


We will see what comes out tomorrow and who’s “radar” he was on. :thinking:



How old is this goober? Didn’t the news report that he was in high school? I’ve lost track of this story, unfortunately.




Dylan Nobody ‘WAS’ (17)
He is NO MORE, His ‘Mentor’ was 'Eric Sh** Stain 'of Columbine infamy…figures

Pray for the Principal, he sounds like he laid it all on the line for the (his) Innocents, Critical Condition
Mr. Dan Marburger and all the victims.


I was talking to my mom about this and how did he get in….

Mom said the school across the street from her old house was locked tighter than a drum. You had to call before hand to let them know you were coming and an armed guard met you at the door.



It sounds (to me) anyway these ‘shooters’ have help.
Now Don 102, there you go again getting all “CT” on us…
But check this out, use your Critical Thinking (the other CT)
CoVid has been around for years correct?
many people have been Vaxxed, Many YOUNG people…
These people have been Indoctrinated by warped Ideologies correct?
We can prolly agree up to this point?
‘Nano Tech’ has been a theory for years also…
'CT’s have been touting the use of ‘Nano-Bots’ in some of the Vax’s
for the purpose of future ‘ACTIVATION’ for Assassination’s/ Disruptions/mind Control
All of a sudden a susceptible/Confused soul goes ‘OFF’ on a group: School’s, Mall’s etc
and look at the ‘TIMING’ of these events. Elections, Caucuses. Out of the ‘Blue’ behavior.
Train wrecks out of no where Weather events, WARS!
WHY is it that our .gov is Pushing, pushing, Pushing Ukraine and NOT helping Israel?
Why is it that when a ‘Trans Freak’…um ‘FREAKS OUT!’ and once the Public hears it is a confused soul
the story loses Traction in the Media :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:?
It DOESN’T fit their NARRATIVE of Guns BAD, Gunner’s worse, It wasn’t an Old, Fat White Guy? or a MAGA Extremist? or Trump’s Cousin?
Now you all know I’m into Conspiracy Theory (I have the Tee shirts to prove it! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:)
But it just seems odd to me how these events either disappear ‘POOF’ like magic, or the Media won’t let one go! (J6 for example) another anniversay by the way today and these INNSURRECTIONIST’S are STILL rotting in a Hole and there is barely a mention unless the MSM tie’s it to Trumps WAR CRIMES!

Why is that? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?


(Picture of the Blond Jerk-off!–I will NOT Repost!)

‘He doesn’t look too Nuckin’ Futz does he?’

Somebody HAD to know this Kids Train was runnin’ on a dirt road!