New Rifle Shotgun Hybrid Bullet Raises Ethical Questions

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I have a bit of an issue with self righteous ethical hunter types that want to push that hunting must be fair and a “challenge” or it’s not REAL hunting. If you want to go play Daniel Boone in the woods then rock on but don’t tell me I am unethical because I use the best equipment I have when I am going to kill something on purpose because I want it to be fast, and lethal and as close to dead nutz sure as I can to make the shot. If new tech allows you to extend your range GREAT! If it allows you to be more lethal GREAT! If it gives you more confidence in the platform you have GREAT!

Ethics in hunting is defined by your moral compass not to break the laws when no one is watching, its about ensuring that the shot you take will be deadly - quickly which is humane. Don’t preach to me that you are more ethical than I because the ash arrows you used on your re curve bow let the deer you shot run for a mile before it finally laid down and bled out. My 208 AMAX at 2600fps turned the lights off in one step. Who’s more ethical or humane?




Nope don’t care. Tar-Hunt has been around for a long time and am glad to see a new innovation.
The hunting world should stick together and not nit pick.
About the same ballistics as a .45-70 and the newer muzzle loaders shoot just as far.
Nope, don’t care. Hunt how you want. :us:


These are the same people who rallied against Michigan allowing “Air Bows” for handicapped hunters during archery season. They argued that crossbows were plenty for handicapped hunters. These are also the same people who argued against allowing crossbows for handicapped hunters during archery season.

“Ethics” are always subjective. Denying handicapped people a better way to hunt archery doesn’t fit my idea of “ethical” one bit.


I’ve shot through a 4x4 post with a shotgun slug. I have no problem with these. If the writer is worried about technology giving and unfair advantage, he/she should be using a cap and ball musket, with iron sights.
The technology helps real hunters with a truly ethical hunt. A clean, quick kill on an animal, which in turn leads to a less wasteful harvest of the animal. If I could hunt with a rifle(stinkin Illinois) it would be headshots every time. Since I can’t, heart and lungs with a slug it is. Heck, even with a rifled barrel, and sabot slugs, a shotgun is still range/accuracy limited.


This one is easy for me to give a opinion on. I’m a long time bowhunter and past NFAA Qualified Instructor in the Bowhunter Education Program. I have harvested deer with long bows, recurves, and compounds. Back in the late 60’s and early 70’s I sometimes drew the anger of some of my traditional bowhunting friends when I said compounds would help bring more archers into the bowhunting community. That’s still my position with technical advances that help people harvest animals cleanly. Ethical, to me, means doing things legally and fairly according to game management laws. I leave it to each hunter to put restrictions on themselves to increase the personal challenge. The sport (hunting) needs more people coming into it and we don’t need to make it harder to do with too many rules.


If hunting was ethical… we wouldn’t use anything but our bare hands to harvest animals. So… using ANY firearm puts the animal at a disadvantage which could be argued as unethical. Personally, whatever you want to use, fire away and try not to miss… ammo has gotten expensive.


I firmly believe if someone wants a tank, howitzer, fighter jet, they should be able to own it. But be warned if they misuse it they can be taken out out. Machine guns should still be legal. I would have problems with WMDs though. That’s different.


Ah heck, that tears it. I’m gonna use a bazooka on that pesky squirrel…:-).

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Yep, I’m still shooting a 20 + year old Hoyt compound for that very reason. I can’t handle my recurves and long bow anymore.

I’m not going to make excuses for all of them, but some of them are obese because of their disability.

That being said, in this instance there is nothing hindering an obese person from using a crossbow.

The hunting package I was actually speaking of was aimed (pun intended) at individuals with one arm, use of only one arm, etc. Those who would have a much harder time with a crossbow.

The traditional archery organization here in Michigan did anything and everything they could to impede that bill. If it’s not a longbow or recurve they don’t want anyone using it.