New Records in 2020

Some year-end reviews may compare this year to an episode of the Twilight Zone. It has definitely been one for the record books for good and not-so-good reasons. There have been record numbers of firearms purchases, first-time firearms owners and new concealed carriers.

What records have you personally been a part of this year?


I added to the firearm sales, and record Ammo sales. Just doing my part.


As of December 1, Michigan had over 693,000 approved CPL applications and 22, 917 pending (Source: Michigan State Police). Without me they would only have had 22,916 pending. :grinning:

I received mine Dec. 21st.


While I grew up with firearms and was also in the military…I have contributed to quite a few of those.

First time gun owner…now also a 2nd so record gun sales.

And of course the record ammo sales.

I also am 1st time concealed carry.

All since July.

Thanks to the great people here and the USCCA, I learn something new everyday.


I helped with global warming and put as big of a dent as possible in the cow population.


That is great! But, you have to be a resident. I wonder if population movements are occurring even in small considerations per state gun rules and abilities to get certified?


:loudspeaker: I have made more trips to gun stores near & far this year. I didn’t always leave empty-handed.

:loudspeaker: I have sold & traded certain possessions this year, moreso than any other year.

:loudspeaker: I have encouraged 4 family members to get their CC permit & to seek training continuously.

:loudspeaker: My faith in the government, politicians, and people in general reached (previously unheard of) all-time lows.



I picked up an AR, a .45 1911, a 30-30 lever action, and still looking for an AR 45. I have been reloading but, I am getting close to running out of primers. I am okay on everything else but. primers. I need primers. I am working on building a gun range too.


First time I have not panic purchased any firearms or ammunition. In fact I dont think I bought any firearms or ammo this year. I seem to be comfortable with what I have and where I am. I am easy to please.


In addition to what @45IPAC mentioned, I join the record setting number of CWLs in Florida for my non-resident.


I set a personal record in working from home of which I’m not a huge fan.
I rarely talk about work after I clock out so this is an experience I don’t enjoy—except I can spend more time with my dog. Also, just thankful I have a job when the workforce and small businesses are under attack by tyrants.


I have added to the record fire arms purchases and the number of cases of Covid19

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I was thinking about this and wow!!! The record that I have broken for the first time since, maybe 1992… I did NOT buy even 1 single round of ammo.

Another record, I only bought 2 firearms.
Another record, one of the two was that Henry Lever Action I spoke about back in June I think it was.

Other records:
Didn’t go to Cabs/BassPro even once.
Didn’t go see a movie in the theater.
Didn’t hire a single employee in my group.
Sold some land which I never do.
Gave more than 4x to the church over any other year.
Took livestock to market, usually we have buyers and just sell them.
Got my USCCA Instructor Certification.


Ditto … CPL in September; G19 and USCCA in June.


@Fizbin congratulations